Feb 26, 2012

Treasure Hunt

Because I needed a little break today from cutting/sewing/thinking about QOV quilts, I elected to pull fabrics for the March Button Up from Joined at the Hip.   ( Look for BU 3 if you try the link.)  I didn't get it done last year so I would like to make it THIS year even if I may not get it hung for March.I can't replicate the fabrics that they use for it but I can make it to my tastes and stash fabrics.  I am not all that crazy about all that brown, for example.

Referring to the fabric picture below I have some fabrics pulled.  My rabbit will be white, not cream, thank you very much.   The background will be that soft yellow calico.  I had some pink plaid as they suggested for the ears, nose and tail.  More on that stuff in a minute.  5 oranges for the carrots?  No problem---I've got that covered.. 3 pastels for the eggs?  Got that in spades!  Green for the carrot tops and a possible brown for something though I didn't go check the homespun bin yet for brown plaids.

That striped fabric might be the backing if I have enough of it. I found it on the "treasure hunt".  What I really was looking for was a basket weave fabric.  Wouldn't that be perfect instead of that muddy brown they show?  What I had in mind was the print my mom had used it in my wedding basket quilt.  I had some of the same yardage.  That means I bought it in IL and before we moved down here in 97.   I looked high and low in here and the only thing I managed to do was raise a whole lot of dust and re-acquaint myself  with what I have.  I sure had not planned on cleaning today!

Then apparently not satisfied to just drive MYSELF crazy I called my mom and put her on the chase for any leftovers.  I don't know if I sent her my yardage or what?   She had planned to make a duplicate of my quilt so who knows?   LOL, she didn't recall that part.   An hour later she called and said she found 3 possibles candidates but not the basket weave in question.  It helps to have your mom share your interests.

Would you like to guess just how long I have had that soft yellow calico and the pink plaid??   Early in my quilting life I wanted to make this "Sweet Harmony" log cabin quilt designed by Christal Carter for Stitch and Sew way back in Feb. 89.  The whole quilt is comprised of 2 inch finished log cabin blocks and mind you, this was waayyyy before I had even heard of foundation piecing.  It just so happened that a quilt/fabric shop about 40 minutes from Bloomington (IL) was going out of business.  I went with my mom and some other quilting pals buying a good bit of the yardage I would need to make the quilt.
Now, over the years I have raided it for a bit here or there for a square or two but basically the yardage was still combined and in its own basket.  Today I yanked out the yellow calico and the pink plaid.  There is a nice yellow with a pink pin dot in there too that may not too safe down the line too.   I think if I have not used it  for the quilt plan since 1990, it is okay to "break up the set" when I need it for something else.  It has antiqued long enough.  They'll make more, though far more expensive than this was.

I don't think I am cutting anything out today.  I'll wait to see what Mom's basket weave ideas look like and adjust accordingly.  I'm still closer to March than I was this morning!

And sew it goes-------think I'll just do a little embroidery tonight and plan on sewing tomorrow, one of the two QOV's probably.

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  1. Let me know if your mother's choices don't work out. I'm pretty sure I have some basketweave! I'll check in daylight. How much do you need?


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