Feb 9, 2012

WIP Thursday

 It is going but very slow.

The designer Terry Atkinson lists sizes as:

  • nap 48 x 64
  • lap 64 x 80
  • twin/full 80 x 96
  • queen 96 x 112
  • king 112 x 112
I want it to be more like 86 x 96 so made some adjustments to bump up the width by a "half block" and went with the length of the full rather than the width of the queen.  So I fiddled with it in EQ only to discover that moving the half block part around meant way more seam matching or a band of 8 strips,  Just add a column to one long edge and call it done!

So the sum total of my output is the 30 sections of squares I already had done.  I only have 20 of the 3 strips x 10.5 done, only 46 to go!  The small sections?  Only two and that was because of a mis-cut---34 more there!

I have been playing a bit in my recipe software making some major additions and changes in the past few days.  Lots of backing up required, etc along with reading discussion list notes, experimenting with some OCR software and such.  Time involvement things really and still part of organizing my files in a logical manner.

I may not have posted this here but we have had to replace our 15 year old Maytag dishwasher.  I had walked out there one morning recently to feed the cat and stepped in a puddle.  Oh oh!  We had gone to bed with the dishwasher running so where had it come from and what did the owner's manual say about it in the trouble shooting area?  Anyway, a change in dish washer preparation help along with some sanding and silicon grease but it was still spitting some water out.  We could see the hand writing on the wall.  It would need replacement.  DJ and I went several places to price them on Friday and purchased one at sale price, sales tax waived and a set installation price with pickup and haul way.   The fellow is here now with his helper wife installing it.  

We had hoped he would be here yesterday but that didn't happen.  That part of the story is only pertinent because I have a slight snafu with my car that will need some attention.  I say slight---who knows?   The right turn signal had blinking like a hazard light on steroids.  When I told DJ about it, him being the fleet manager and all, we went out to check to see what it was doing outside the car.  Not lighting up at all meaning that other drivers do not know what my intentions are in regards to a turn.   He had me turn on the headlamps to check the brake lights, etc.  Not sure what he said about those but he did tell me to take his car if I had errands to run until we could get it fixed.  Someone suggested that it might just be a bulb that needs replaced.  DJ will take it in tomorrow as he has to head that way for something else.  Save gas, combine your errands.  

The thing is---we just had that left tail light replaced due to the cracked lens.  There were parts leftover.  We can't help but wonder if there is a connection between the two events.    Guess we'll find out tomorrow!

Looks like they are all done and I need to go fix some lunch.  I got off easy yesterday as we didn't want to dirty up a bunch of dishes. I'll pay for THAT decision by having to cook two meals today.  What can I whip up somewhat quickly?   HMMMMM.

I'll close with this picture of some of the daffodils that are out.  The camellia is going nuts with blooms and so far no big frost though we have had a couple of colder nights that were close.   Isn't Mother Nature something?

This afternoon, back to sewing a bit and some recipe entry as well.  

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