Feb 4, 2012

PopStix progress--edited

 This what my cut piles looked like before I started sewing yesterday afternoon.  Nice, neat contained.  The stuff in the front is my jelly roll strips all separated out by their color groupings or style of the print.

Here is my output so far----32 of the 5 strips sections x 10.5 inches.  I need to make 10 more to be done with step A-B of the pattern.   I almost had to take this with a cat sitting among the blocks.   As it is, one of the strip sets is piled on the thread boxes near the light, LOL.

And here is the fabric strips after a day's sewing----what a mess!  I closed down shop for the night.  My back will thank me to do so.  Plus I need to unplug the machine anyway since we have some thunder/lightning moving in.  I am going to straighten this up and call it a night!  The only neat part of the pile right now is what remains of the Amelia jelly roll though I suspect some might still be hiding in that strip pile.    I did cut some more strips just to add a bit more color the mix or lighter strips for contrast.

I will pair up the next 5 sections I need while I am organizing the strips and get back to it tomorrow.  Think it is going to make a pretty quilt or a hot mess??


Sorting by color

More sorting

Any bets on how long it stays this way after I make 84- 3 strips by 10.5 inch sections? 

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love it! This is definitely not a "hot mess"!


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