Feb 19, 2012

QOV sewing continues

What a fun time at the sew-in the last two days!  Good fellowship and the Ways and Means see to it that we eat well providing the meals.  The members bring munchies and snacks.   My Pride of Iowa cookies were a big hit as was Jane's Southern Praline Pecan cake.  Guess we know what we better fix when it is time to do our turn on the refreshment committee!

DJ was a little disappointed that I did not come home with any cookies.  I bake cookies so seldom as he likes those cardboard tasting ones from the grocery store.  Translation:  why bother in that case?  Thursday when I handed him some good fresh baked ones I said "now THIS is what a cookie should taste like or why eat them?".   He got those and an over-sized one from the last bit of batter in the bowl.  Two days in a row he asked if I had any left.  Come to find out, a couple of the girls had taken one home for their hubby's to try and then insisted that their wives get the recipe, LOL  I told DJ I would make him another batch tomorrow but most of them are heading to the freezer!  I ran a few copies of the recipe on Friday night to take to the ones I knew wanted it.

Yesterday we in the north end of  Calhoun County had to duck out a little early as there was a possibility of storms and tons of rain with the worst predicted around 3 or so. The 15th top for the weekend was finished up as we were packing up and the 16th was not far behind it.  There are quite a few still in progress too.  Some of the gals were packing up the finished flimsies with backing and batting for their trip to the long arm quilters.  Not bad at all!!  Once they have the picture loaded on our new and improved website I'll send you a link so you can go look.

While I personally did not get a whole lot of sewing done, it was not for a lack of trying.  I'll concentrate on my work this week at home and see if I can get the three I have committed to do finished up by the end of the month or thereabouts.

I did get my Land of Liberty panel piece up to the round of rails and stars on Friday.  One of the gals used the same panel but just the eagle part trimming off the printed  Lone Star type piece.  I latched on to those but I will have to fuse them down as there is not enough fabric to cut it out evenly on all 4 sides.  Another gal  gave me some of her leftover fabrics to use for the rail sections.  Combined with what I already have I should be okay on that one, excepting perhaps a small outside border.

 The same person was offering some suggestions for the sashing sections on my row quilt.  Turns out she had some of the very yardage I need.  Woohoo!  One of the Belles thinks she has some of it tucked away as well.  I am hopeful that I will be able to squeeze out sashing and borders.  I had pulled the row you see just to the right of the bowtie apart the other night to square it up.  I'm calling it an Illinois Road variation;  I ended up re-assembling it slightly differently.  I also made another block as it was one block short, trying to  match the colors as best I could.  I pieced the Cotton Reels row yesterday.

Today I am making this chaining row below.  I am calling it Half Puss in the Corner chain.

The other day as I was drawing in EQ I had a row of Double 4 patch blocks arranged in this same zig zag pattern.   Where the blocks joined there were a few extra seams.  I fiddled with it but STILL had more unnecessary seams where a different section met.  Finally the light bulb went off----there are two blocks in this row if you approach it vertically.  That 4 patch with a solid patch either below or on top of it is one.  The half Puss in the Corner thing is the 2nd.  and they are just reversed every other one.  PLUS it can be strip pieced with just two strip sets though I made a third one just in case I mis-cut, mis-counted or mis-calculated on the math.   I am filing THIS idea away since it would work for a pieced border too.

So once this is done, I have 3 more rows to piece----hearts, turnstiles and friendship stars or 15-6 inch finished blocks.

Dishwasher saga---round 3
While I was gone on Friday, they delivered the new replacement dishwasher.  The one DJ picked out the other day that would accommodate the bowls to his liking.  See one of the previous posts in recent weeks.  It is a Frigidaire model, not another model of Whirlpool as he had told me the other day. That part doesn't matter--if he is happy with his choice, I will be too.    BUT it has a big scratch on the front of the panel and a dent in the kick plate.  DJ said he refused to accept it and the installer got on the phone to Lowe's.  A replacement one is due in on Tuesday.  We are back on the list---again.  DJ thought he was getting a new one, not a refurbished/"as is" one.  That is what we paid for.  Actually till they credit the account and turn the Whirlpool one into a refurbished one we still own TWO dishwashers.  I would not anticipate the final installation to be done till at least the 24th or 27th.  Damian went ahead and un-installed the Whirlpool but left the scratched Frigidaire one so we had something in the meantime.  I haven't even looked at the manual to know how to operate it.  Once DJ knows how to operate it, I'll just stuff dishes in and he can move them if he doesn't like where I put them.

Next thing I know it will be time to fix supper.  This day is just speeding by especially since I had grocery errands to day as well.  Hope you are having a good one, in whatever you chose to do---------

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  1. Well, gurrlll, you gotta share the cookie recipe with us too!!! :D Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend---so much fun :)


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