Feb 22, 2012

WIP Weds

One more row to go----that turnstile block you see in my work space.  6 of them.  Ordinarily I do not like to do pinwheel type blocks with all that stuff landing in the middle of the block.   Still, it seemed to go with the mix of rows and will pick up the same yellows in the friendship stars that I did yesterday.

Hopefully this whole top will be done in a day or two so I can move on-----to lets say, that pile of 3-D bowties with the red knots I had started at the fall sew-in.

And sew it goes.  Still pluggin'


  1. I've never seen a row quilt, I like it. Is it easier to finish this way???

    blessings, jilly

  2. well, the sashing is easily added. Sorta like adding a bunch of top and bottom borders. Just as long as you alternate the directions that you start your joining seams it will not bow in the middle. I know that my rows all measure the size they should be horizontally. I just hope I have enough fabric!


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