Nov 11, 2012

another finish

I have been working on binding again for a few days.  This Faux RR Crossing is the one I did last week but I waited to launder out the marks from the double hearts I had quilted in the light squares till today------

Pattern source:  I attribute it to Marti Michell and her book Quilting for People Who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt.  What makes it a Faux version is that I did not piece the sashing bits---use stripe fabric!

This is the other one that hit the laundry room.  Bridgecreek Blossom #2.  Pattern:  Atkinson Designs.  I made enough blocks for a queen sized quilt but made two smaller donation quilts instead.  The first one had a jigsaw puzzle border but a pair to the same blocks.

Note who managed to get into the shot with those glow in the dark eyes.  Minutes before when the quilt was laid on the couch he was trying to hid under it or on it or whatever.  It was still warm from the dryer and we all know how cats love warm laundry!

Yesterday was our Friendship Quilters meeting in Pell City.  Aline and I were the only ones of the Calhoun County contingent that went this time.  Life happens.  Our program was on miniature quilts and was presented by Donna who will be coordinating the guild's biannual quilt show.  Her sister was visiting from KS and she assisted with the program as we will be borrowing something for her guild there.  They do a miniature auction as a fund raiser donating part of the proceeds to local charities.   When they mentioned resources for mini patterns and such, someone mentioned "Miniature Quilts" magazine but Donna said they no longer print it.  I knew I had a stack of the magazine currently residing under my bed.  To be truthful I did not remember just how many!  Issues #40 thru #69.    My mom passed them on to me.  Someone in her town donated them to her when his wife had to be admitted to a nursing home.  We have some sew-in days next week again so I may take these with me, especially if I know Donna is going to be there.  Some will be looking for additional ideas down the line.  Meantime I have something to look at for bedtime reading. 

The day before the guild took the quilts from the coordinator's home and their other storage places to the Veteran's Home.  They finally had the ribbon cutting on November 1st.  The girls caravaned over and delivered 211 quilts.   Just in time for Veteran's Day.   The CBS and ABC TV affiliates were there and they either interviewed the guild president or the project coordinator.  The paper was there as well so I have a link I can send you to   

Our guild historian Beth got some good pictures too that are on facebook.  If you are on Facebook, try entering "Friendship Quilters Guild Alabamaand see if you can access them. In one of them you will see
Margaret's (the coordinator) dining room table piled high with quilts and then she and her husband smiling that it was finally cleared off!   Hard to say which of them had the bigger smile, LOL.

 They still say we have more to make but those are for the domiciliary beds, like temporary housing apparently.  The first patients are scheduled to be transferred in soon, about 20 to start with.  Then apparently they have to do some sort of certification or inspection before more come in---from what the guild has been told. 
When I was out on the WM run today, I picked up a couple more skeins of yarn to make a few more knit hats.  I thought these looked a bit more boy especially the one labeled "Woodsy" .  It has an Army, camo feel, don't you think?  I have a routine doctor's appointment tomorrow so I already have my stuff packed to knit while I wait.  Mid morning app't and I know I will be lucky to be out of there by noon.  Might as well keep busy while I have to be parked.

Other than that, not much going on.  Just stitching that binding.  Thursday evening Norma has told me that she mailed off my Christmas Patience Corner that she had offered to long arm quilt for me.  She wanted to be sure to miss the holiday mailing season and be sure it would be on my bed for the Christmas decorating season.   When mailing from BC, Canada to clear down south in Alabama you just never know how long it might take.   Woohoo!  I can't wait to see what panto she used.  Get this though:  she still has to quilt her own!   What a pal!  I knew she had been working on one for her brother and sister-in-law but when she was talking about doing one for another client I never dreamed she meant ME!

I guess that is it for this edition though I still have a feeling that I had planned on mentioning one other thing, just what escapes me now.  It happens--------

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  1. Was it your progress on painting the kitchen cabinets - or what you have planned for your Christmas projects? - ;))


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