Nov 1, 2012

some progress

Some progress here----my version of the Happy Halloween Button Up is all prepped though I still need to do the button hole applique on most of the elements.  I used black felt for the pumpkin faces so that part should be okay but the rest of it will need anchoring.

I also will need to tweak in those spider legs---add some buttons for the bats eyes and the cats as well.

BUT I believe that I will prep the other button up that I want to do first and then I can do the machine applique stitched on both of them.  Same with pinning and quilting.  I work in cycles, after all.

Soon it will be time to go fix supper.  I had been thinking Hot and Sour Chicken (good recipe in an old Sunset oriental wok book that I like).  I may still make that.  The grill is still out and uncovered so I am tempted to go with something else.  Or poach it for an primavera dish for tomorrow.   Ambivalent about cooking, I guess.  Usually I have a fairly good idea about what I am hungry for but not today.

Hope you have had a good day ----


  1. This is adorable, Linda, and so is the one in the previous post. :)

  2. Your "Halloween Button Up" looks GREAT! And I agree with you about working in cycles - I think of it as similar to assembly-line work - just seems to me to be more efficient that way. As far as cooking goes - I'm usually ambivalent - so I can't help you there - ;))

  3. this looks great! you got a lot done and I agree with your idea of doing the next one too..makes sense to me!


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