Nov 23, 2012

knitting ahead

My early Christmas present arrived today---woohoo! 15 different sizes of US 0 to US 15  2mm to 10 mm bamboo 8 inch long double points--5 in each size.

I had decided to try knitting this next hat on double points to avoid the seaming.  I probably need to set this up on 4 needles instead of 3 but that is how I  learned to do double points for mittens.  Of course mittens are way smaller in diameter than 72 stitches for a hat and one's head.  In the meantime I had put the tip protectors on either end to keep from dropping stitches which I had done a time or two while working on the ribbing. 

These can be found at but I found this set of them at for 40 bucks off.  I've not tried bamboo needles before but I'll see how they work soon enough.

Well, back to sewing for me.  I had gotten a suggestion for re-sizing my pictures from Linda in KS and my lefthanded quilter pals so got myself side tracked doing that on the new "old" blog here and a few posts on the archived site.  It will be time consuming but should help the storage issues in the end.  The only way I know to be sure that I am not deleting an image I need too----no watermark.

Pokey today but no one ever said that I had to break the land speed record with this piecing. 


  1. You can introduce that 4th needle easily. I make sure to place a safety pin type marker in the knitted fabric close to the end of the round so I always know which is the last needle. Just divide the stitches as evenly as you can on to the needles. I work my hats on a 16" circular needle and then when I get to the decreases, I switch to dpn. Good luck.

  2. It looks like you planning on doing some serious knitting!

    Good to hear that you worked out a way to increase your storage capacity. I never thought of re-sizing my pictures to increase available storage space.

  3. I don't knit much so I was going to ask why you needed "5" in each size - UNTIL I realized that you set some stuff up on 3 and/or 4 needles - DUH!! Guess I should get out of my box more often - ;)) And I LOVE "Pokey" - that's my regular speed - ;))

  4. Your resized picture looks good. I bet you're going to really like those bamboo needles. I have a bamboo crochet hook (I don't knit)and I like it a lot.


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