Nov 23, 2012

More blog content?

Now that I archived the older material to a 2nd blog  I need to get some material up here, on the original location!! in case you need to book mark it.  Guess that means I better get busy doing something.

What prompted the move?  I had hit the maximum amount of storage for pictures.  Norma had done this with her blog and started another one rather than start paying for more.   It is working for her but I don't think it is going to do the trick for me.

The rates are like 2.50 or 5 bucks a month.  I think it is a bit of a rip off.  You know how sometimes you cannot get a picture to show up so you load it again-----all those dupes are stored and goes against your account, whether you could use them or not.   My left handed quilter friend suggested re-sizing the pictures.  Do they click bigger so you can actually see what you are looking at??    I suppose I could and hit the dupes at the same time?  When I can make some time to just fiddle on the computer.

I moved the posts to the archived blog.   I deleted the posts from this blog to start over.  Those posts exist but elsewhere but they still are labeled as being from the original location.  It appears that I lost a few pictures but that might be because I deleted some from picassa web.  Some I could replace fairly easily---others, not sure I have the pictures anymore due to computer crash in early 08.  The ones I deleted were in older titled blog albums that no longer exist but apparently the folder names do not change???   Some they won't let me delete.  I keep checking to see if the number of pictures is actually a true measure of what is going on but unless something magically happens in the next 8 hrs, IIWII. 

BTW too---the capacity measures google drive that I don't really use, google mail which I do use and picassa..  Anyway, deleting some other photo albums and some I should have kept, in retrospect,  dropped my capacity down to about 94% and bought me a little more time.  I honestly do not want to lose my old content as I refer to it often but may revisit that idea.  977 posts since March 2006---some could go, yeah but do the pictures go with it?

Okay, enough about that.  I've got some sewing to do today.  I pulled out Lois' mom Singer Stylist to sew with on Wednesday.  If you have the machines, you need to keep them working, after all.   It has a nice stitch and one of those holes where you can screw in a seam guide.  None of the bells and whistles, like the knee lift and automatic needle threader but it works great.  I am working on my "Tons of Black" Challenge using the Mock Trip Around the World pattern from Quilting assistant.   I have long admired some of the quilts that my friend Pat from Bell Creek Quilts has made from this pattern and took my inspiration from one of her quilts.  They look good in about any color way!

I am using a black and white print that I got from my mom as the light and a Jinny Beyer vine print in a dusty blue shade that Cindy shared with me.  There is plenty left to back the quilt or make another, LOL. The dusty gray tone and tone that I have been calling black (but isn't) is the challenge fabric.  It is a simple block but doesn't it look more complicated when you put it together?  I am going with the basic set appearance of the Trip Around the World---7.5 inch finished blocks set 6 x 8.  The size will finish closer to the WTIL target range.    She shows a cool many trips version that would have worked with smaller blocks and 8 x 10---maybe some day but this time it all came together to do what I ultimately decided on.   Other fabric choices may influence other repeats.

Thanksgiving Day itself was quiet as most holidays are when you are far away from family.  Just DJ, Skyler and me.  To be honest, even if we were back in Illinois, Thanksgiving was a "catch as catch" can proposition.  When I was still practicing nursing there were three others in the medical field in some capacity so that means, shift work, working holidays and making scheduling problematic.  It was hard enough to get together at Christmas!!  Then add in-laws to the mix---you are expected two places at the same time.  ai, yi, yi!  DJ's son was expected at his mom's and squeezed us in between his in-laws.  The way it goes.  Then we moved about 700 miles away and don't normally travel in the fall and winter months as you don't know what you will get into halfway home.   We stay home and be thankful for each other.   I spent part of the evening typing up the rest of the minutes for guild as Jackie will be needing them soon for the newsletter---I was procrastinating and it needed to be done before I can play today.

And because I don't really have to shop for Christmas, I will be avoiding any retail spot, online or otherwise, this weekend unless I absolutely have to go that direction.  Not sucking me into that Black Friday mess!  I will have to get groceries at some point but that's the other end of the store.  I hate that people had to go to work at 8 p.m. last night, on a holiday, so others could buy into that bull and "come on's".  You just know that the lead story on the news tonight was how long some people stood in line to get that big screen TV or whatever or do the tradition of shopping on Black Friday---like IT was the holiday instead of Thanksgiving day.  SIGH. 

Norma has her Christmas Patience Corner quilt loaded on her long arm now that she is home from her trip to AZ.  We hope to work on our binding at the same time.  But first!  I got to finish my challenge top.  Maybe by Sunday??

And sew it goes--------

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  1. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents about resizing your pics. I always resize mine but not to the extreme. One of my pet peeves is to click on a picture someone has posted and then it turns out to be the same size (or even smaller)! I only go down to 800 X 600 and that lets the picture enlarge from the blog but not so big that it eats lots of storage. I use Light Image Resizer 4 (It's free and I put a shortcut on my desktop for easy access) and set it to also add a watermark at the same time I resize. Good luck on your blog


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