Nov 26, 2012


As much as I like the Trip Around the World (medallion) arrangement of the Mock Trip block, it is fun to play in EQ to find other ways of setting it.

Don'r get me wrong----any of the four examples in the Quilting Assistant file would work.  I just finished drawing up the "Many Trips Variation" and am about to attempt the Streak of Lighting variation too.

How about a straight furrows?  As they say in the pattern---"This simple block can arranged many way--because of the diagonal line.  In other words, any way that you can arrange a faux log cabin block or log cabin block will work for this block.

OHHH I like the flying geese arrangement on the examples of that website.  I should be sewing---and I was---row 5 is done but I stopped to play, LOL.  They say 4 blocks, 6 rows (24) or any even number.  Perfect!
Okay---here are a couple more!

Streak of Lightening but oriented horizontally

Whatever this is!  It looks even better if you back up---like thumbnail it

Now I am seriously off to finish sewing this top---as soon as I give Skyler his treat bite and switch the laundry over, LOL.

And sew it goes-----------

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  1. Ooooohhhhh - I like your playtime in EQ - such fun! I especially like the third one - it's "different" from the standard layouts. It might make a great "9-patch" square - ;))


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