Nov 28, 2012

another Trip Around the World version

I guess I have still have Trip around the World quilts on the brain.

I drew this one up from a picture of one of my mom's quilts some time back.  I considered attempting it instead of the Quilting Assistant version I did end of making.

I see this as being a take off from Snuggle Up, that old favorite pro bono quilt that is oh, so adaptable and the technique I learned from Billie Lauder "Get Looped"  for making her bargello quilts.  I have that book around here somewhere but of course, now that I am looking for it, can't lay hands on it.  The principle is surely the same though no matter what width you cut them.  I could see possibly having to cut the strip in some manner in the middle area where there is more light fabric or working in quadrants of the quilt rather than long staggered strips as you do in a snuggle up.

I think too that this MIGHT be the idea that Eleanor Burns uses in her Quick Trips Quilts book or at least one version is similar.   I'll have to review that book---nighttime reading, don'tcha know?  LOL.  But I kind of have a plan to try it someday but with a less limited fabric palette.  I want to use the collection of fabrics you see at right,  plus what was leftover from the donation quilt   Some of this I got with my birthday money and others were added later.  You know a stack that you throw in with the rest and think, "this might work" but you are not quite ready to commit to that idea?  Of course, that challenge fabric was a donation fabric which I intend to use for a personal quilt.  I cannot imagine the girls begging me for more of the "tons of black" stuff or begrudge my using it in that manner..

I had some plans to get the binding on my Patience Corner today and frankly have been dawdling.  I spent a good chunk of the morning working on the archived blog material to re-size the photos.  Light Image Resizer 4 is doing a great job on doing batch resizing.  (Thanks for that suggestion,  Linda in KS!).  Then it is just a matter of noting the name/number and locating it the re-sized image folder.  Reload it to images here and delete the old one.  Because I now have a watermark added, and know where Picassa has stuck them, I can then delete the larger images.  So far I have managed to get thru late November to early August 2012---60 some odd posts in.  It is paying off too as my capacity now says-----it was closer to 98 and they would not let me post any pictures till some of it went away.

You are currently using 906 MB (88.5%) of your 1024 MB

Want to check your capacity if you use blogger?

Norma pointed out to me that this is happening all over bloggerland---a good many of us long time bloggers are getting hit with an upgrade storage deal notification.  HMMMMMM  It gets curiouser and curiouser. 

On the home front, DJ finished up the painting on last of the upper kitchen cabinets---the two above the fridge and hardest to get at.  I had asked him if he was going to take a break before starting the lower ones.  I guess he did but it only lasted about 2 or 3 days.  He was priming the lower end today, starting at the left end to the left of the sink, near the microwave.  It made nuking our lunch a little more dicey and left dirty dishes in the sink since I cannot open the dishwasher without messing his work up at the moment.  (He didn't remove the right side cabinet door.)  

Well, I still have quilt picture to share with you from our meeting yesterday---Lois had a bunch to turn in and they are always so pretty.  Give you something to look forward to tomorrow.  I think I'll get the sewing table turned around and do what I planned all along.   It needs to be done by the 8th and guild show and tell and really do want it on my bed when I get ready to decorate the house.  Won't happen if I keep procrastinating!!

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  1. Love your fabric/color choices - that focal print reminds me of some black/white/yellow stuff I have in my stash - might need to pull that out soon - ;))

    Storage - I ran into the same problem in May 2011 - and did several posts about it. Go to my blog and search for "Picasa" - you'll see the list of posts. When I first started blogging my posts were VERY photo-heavy (and still are) and I ran out of room REALLY fast - not realizing that the photos were being loaded to my Google account in a web album - I thought that I was just copying and pasting the photo from my computer. Silly me - ;))


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