Nov 29, 2012

meeting show and tell

One of the best things--always--about quilt meetings is show and tell, though I don't think we really ever have a formal one with Bama Belles.  The girls hold up something they are working on, ready to pin, or are turning in for donation as they come in.  I missed a few pictures I might have taken but you'll see them down the line unless they are heading out as Christmas gifts.

First up, Jane's strippie quilt.  Isn't this just a sweet quilt for girl?

Beverly made this one using cloth book panel pieces and a "divide and conquer" method.  She said she used conventional binding on the periphery though.  This is going to a great-grandchild.

Beverly also made this "Bob the Builder" BQ 1 quilt for another great grand.   She started the quilt at the fall sew-in.  The child has a pillow she had made with some Bob fabric in it and now he will have a quilt to go with it.

This is Beverly's mini twister wreath.   She had misunderstood some cutting instructions that I had given the group along with an alternative pattern and re-cut her squares smaller than 5 inches.  I helped her salvage the twister base by rigging up a cutting template that would work.  Here is the result.  (yeah she knows one section was mis-cut but it could not be fixed.  Put a bow on it, LOL)

Lois was working on binding her twister wreath-----just about done!  See the pretty embroidered star she added at the center?

Lois also had quite a few quilts to turn in.  She was busy helping the others pin and just pointed me at her transporting bags so I unpacked them to get pictures taken---the kind without hands and feet, LOL.

Her disappearing nine patch

Lois USA map----this would not be one of her favorites, from what she told me. ( Like I don't have to get her a copy of this picture.  I usually get a print for the maker and another for our albums)

Lois cannot remember the name of this pattern but said it came from a magazine.  While it has a Puss in the Corner feel I do not think that was how it was pieced.  What looks to be a negative coloration block is really a longer rectangle.  It is on point.  Since the background is Little Mermaid fabric, I told her I would name it something along that line in the quilt document. 

Same pattern here but a different colored background

And here is a lovely string quilt blocks that was good for using up some small scrap pieces

There were several quilts pinned, including one that I will be quilting for Aline and her sister.  Bev had one that she had made for someone else to give to his mom for Christmas and had brought her crazy patch block to trim down.  Such a prolific quilter!  

Teresa was giving her sister Judy a quilting lesson as Judy had recently completed her first quilt----she needed a walking foot first!  Teresa was demonstrating her stitching on a crazy quilt blocks (or the accompanying pillow) that she is doing as a commissioned piece for someone.  Brenda was binding her twister piece.  Marilyn was busily putting borders on a Scooby Doo piece for one of her grandson's Christmas.  I was sewing as well---that Criss Cross project that is on "going, drag it around and will get done eventually" 

Some decisions were made for the Christmas party on the 11th, some of us left for lunch and others stayed----the next thing I knew it was close to 2 and time to go home.  Good way to spend a cold and gloomy day this past Tuesday.


  1. I like ALL of those quilts - especially the one with the darker blue border and the orange block in the middle - ;))

    And "Put a bow on it." - sounds like a new "Rule" - haha - ;))

  2. great photos! your group always comes up with wonderful quilts..thanks for sharing


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