Nov 20, 2012

Tuesday check in

 Another day almost gone----another day closer to Thanksgiving day. This year has seemed to go by so quickly when you look back.

So what have I been doing with myself other than obviously NOT posting?  Well, Friday I was off to the Friendship Quilter's last sew-in of the year.  I thought that two of the Calhoun County contingent would be riding along with me but it ended up just being me.  At left was my project of choice----Fun and Done! Criss Cross.  I had started this a few months back but I only got three sections done and decided that I hate the technique.  I do NOT want to do a whole quilt this way but I am not going to waste the fabric that I had already cut.  I took those apart and will pass the batting square on to Teresa who likes to do rag quilts.

I could see that each of the segments in Criss Cross (above) was 1/4 of a larger block called The Priscilla  Brackman #2975.  I plan to use it in my Farmers Wife Inspired Sampler (FWIS) because my dad had wanted to name me Priscilla but mom put the kibosh on that---obviously!  The sampler uses 6 inch blocks so it was easy to see where I needed to make my angled line in EQ to maintain that cone shape.  Figuring that it would be easier to foundation piece the block sections since the fabrics were already rough cut, I printed off a "bazillion" of them before I left for Pell City.

I can still use the backing fabric that I had cut but now it will act like sashing between the block sections.  I had decided too that I did not like the randomly placed segments of color and would go with a positive-negative thing with the backgrounds---that is how it was cut out but maintain the same three colors in a block format.   Other than unpacking my supplies this as far as I got on Friday.  I had taken the "Tons of Black" Challenge kit with me but did not touch it-----I STILL haven't touched it unless you count moving it from spot to spot in the room, LOL.  Nothing on my list got gone last week---nothing!

Saturday, I had decided to a "pay it back" day and worked on more of the potholders for the 4-H project sewing up all the leftover ones they had cut out and paired up with batting.  The others had done theirs on Thursday so they could play the other two days.  They were out of hanging loops too---so I made a pile of those before I started sewing from the odd bits of muslin left from cutting the muslin strips.  Shelia said that they had about 700 done now with about 200 more needed by mid January.  Not panicking yet or asking folks to do "homework"

Sunday and Monday I was back to embroidering-----turns out my contribution to the president's quilt was misplaced.  The organizer looked but was not able to come up with it.  I had said that I would just put it in high gear and stitch another one.  I met her this morning for the hand off .Since we were down in Oxford, we ran over to Hobby Lobby.  A couple more skeins of yarn followed me home---for kids' hats.  I had several other stops to make along the way today.   It was a great day to be out with picture perfect weather, the leaves are still out a good bit too making the running around pleasant to look at. 

I had decided to try knitting the 6th (or is it 7th?) hat on double point needles to avoid anyone having to seam them up---not my favorite part and in fact, I mailed what I had done to Cindy un-sewn.  I told her I was going to do that though, LOL.   It was working out okay but I did not have any double point needles over size 9 for when I switch from ribbing to the stockinette part of the hat.  Oh I have double points just short ones and not 10 and up.   I did find a set of  75--5 for each size US 0-15 in the 8 inch length, bamboo at for 20 bucks, 40 bucks off and ordered it.  It can be part of my Christmas present from DJ.  Between my circular needle set and these I should be set for life in the knitting department.

My Christmas Patience Corner was waiting for me when I got home on Saturday.  Woohoo!  I will get to it in a day or two but first I need to press the binding.  I don't know how well you can see the  those neat swirls Norma used to quilt it.  I used backing fabric from Connecting Threads in a snowflake pattern so that might be obscuring the quilting a bit from this angle. ( Pictures of the front side are in the last post.

What else is coming up?  Aline has a quilt that her sister made that I will quilt for them.  I say "them"  because Aline had pieced a flying geese pattern for the outer border. I may be wrong but I think this might be her sister's first quilt?  You'll see it soon enough, LOL.   We will probably pin it next week at Belles.  It will need tending fairly early on so they will have it and the binding done in time for Christmas.  It will need to be mailed to Rhode Island too. 

Other than that I plan to at least work on the strip sets on my challenge piece tomorrow.  DJ has a pair of pants tossed over the machine that I need to do a little minor repair on.  The Christmas quilt binding after that.   I found a pattern for a tree skirt today.  Actually I bought this one Mc Call's 3777 at Hobby Lobby today but I really liked the scallop shape and the loop and button closure better on McCalls 6453 instead.  They did not have it in stock but I found it from an alternative location.  I believe that this will work well for Allison's crazy patch piece rather than the vague directions to piece 44 inches square and then have to draw off the shape with a string and pencil.  Knowing me, that is a recipe for disaster.  Piece the petals---better plan.  She is not expecting this to be done in time for decorating this year though who knows?

Thanksgiving will not be a big deal for DJ and I.  Not going anywhere.  I make turkey breast dinners for him fairly often so the only thing I have to do ahead is make a pumpkin pie using a " no bake " recipe.  Easy peasy.  Still will have time to sew----or chat with Norma like I did this afternoon, LOL.  No ambition on my return home, sorry to say.  The only creative thing I did today other than cooking supper was try to re-string one of Skyler's cat toys since I remembered to get some corded elastic.  Then could not find the little toy that went on the end of it.  I used something else but it is a good bit heavier.  Actually I think monkey boy may have run off with my Black and Decker steamer instructions!  I wasted more time today looking for both of those things.  That's what I get for taking things down from the refrigerator!!!

DJ has most of the cabinet doors on the upper part done and re-hung.  I was just holding the trouble light up so he could do so on the two in the corner----not an easy spot to work in by any means.  That just leaves the 4 small doors---above the door and the fridge.  What do you think??  Ignore the dirty dishes---someone by the name of Linda still needs to wash the wok, LOL.  That and the sweet and sour sauce boiled over on the burner so I need to get that sticky mess deal with too---ugh.

 And see who want to play??  Wild kitty on the loose.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!


  1. your kitchen cabinets are looking good! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    The kitchen cabinets are looking great!

    Is that striped fabric the binding you are going to use on your Christmas Patience Corner quilt? I love that stripe! Maybe I can get my version of that quilt loaded on the long arm when I get home and then stitch my binding in place along with you!


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