Apr 6, 2014

a reward project

How long has it been that I even used the words "reward" project for when I am slogging through the end of one project and aching to start on something new since I am a little bored with what I am working on?  Don't try to answer that one but suffice it to say, if you are not sewing or whatever it HAS been awhile.

I cut this one out this afternoon.  Aren't those bright colors a breath of fresh air for a gloomy, damp day?  I am going to make the Brioche & Baguette couch throw as shown on Connecting Threads who kitted up all this lovely stuff.   Click on the "view more images" button and you will see the quilt full open rather than arty catalog view.

BUT I have to get the taxes ready before I can play. I have the forms printed off and a few questions I had were answered by a read of the manual online.  Obviously he is not going to be signing any forms but we were married the entire year of 2013.   I may have mentioned that DJ normally would have had this stuff spread out on the kitchen table and started on it by the 3rd week of January.  Not this year as we were busy with the flooring project.  I always checked the form over to verify the math or ask "how did you come up with this number?"  so I hope that this will be no big deal.   Hope springs eternal?  I think I will need a bigger reward than sewing something I want to sew once I am done, don't you?

 I DID finish up my blog hop project yesterday and tried to get some pictures of it.  However, the light was not good so I will either use Glynda's fencing or get the morning light rather than afternoon in that location.  I am pleased with the embroidery but made a small sewing goof.  You'll see soon enough as it is staying that way.  Too late to start over, after all.

The only other "big" thing I have done today is put some bed risers under my pressing/cutting table legs.  The ones that DJ and I had rigged up with PVC pipe and end caps had worked well for years---as long as there was carpet on the floor.   I was finding the table a bit less than stable since we put the laminate down.  I sure didn't need it wiggling with a rotary cutter in my hand.  While it was not a barrel of fun to move all that stuff I had stacked up under it, it did not take too long.  I don't think it is up quite as high and for now, I am keeping the present skirting on the table though it could be dropped down about 2 inches.  It doesn't annoy me THAT much, LOL.   Cat perch covers and a dust ruffle on the other bed are more pressing.  Oh, if anyone wants my old set, let me know and I would happy to pass them on if you need about 5-6 inches of height on a fairly slender table leg.  I use a banquet table that does not fold.


  1. ooohh I love that couch throw pattern, so bright and colorful on this gloomy day, rain pouring down here too. I know what you mean, I have another small quilt I want to start on but must hem a prom dress first :) can't wait to see your blog hop pix

  2. I looked at the picture and that couch throw is awesome!! I love bright colors, and this is definitely meeting that requirement. Love it! I bet you got a lot of rain like we did overnight. Hubby thinks we got at least four inches. Have a great day!

  3. Excellent "reward"...beautiful, bright cheery colors. Good luck with the tax forms.


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