Apr 2, 2014

nothing much happening

When I last posted I was about to go off and make the house a bit more presentable as I expected DJ's longtime golfing friend Herb and his wife Phyllis.  I don't know if I ever told you this before, but DJ had gone to an old country grade school with her.  Double connection.   As expected they arrived about 8 and off we went to Jack's for breakfast.

On our return we loaded up every golf ball, golf club, the bag, the cart you use when you walk with your clubs etc. I could NOT let the head covers go though as I had made them for him.  I don't need them, of course but like his clothes, I guess I am just not quite ready to let some things go.   Unfortunately in trying to remove the rolling cart from its storage place, some part of it had gotten grease of some sort.  I could even be motor oil as he one of my old 13 x 9  cake pans in that area at one time for changing oil in some thing.  Herb managed to keep it off him or was able to wipe it off some paper towels.  I got it on one of my favorite pair of jeans and what's worse, the couch.  Herb said to clean it off with paint thinner first and then a spot cleaner.  Paint thinner, I had though it was kinda chunked up like soured milk gets.  Spot cleaner, I had to go get.  The pants were goners made worse by actually removing them and trying to avoid getting it all over me again. I tossed them.   I sure didn't want my couch to have that smear on the cushion or the gob on the frame.  The Zout product worked well.  I see a smudge on the frame part but it is faint or faint enough.  A reminder, I guess.

They did not stick around long but I knew that was part of their schedule--down through Columbus, Georgia and then Florida to see various friends along the way.

I've been busy but I am not entirely sure doing what.  Mostly paperwork and emails, sorting through the mail stuff and getting packages ready to mail out to various family and friends.  After a weekend, you can almost bet that there will be a run to the bank, post office and maybe the store.  My grocery shopping day was almost always Saturday or Sunday but all that flew out the window with so many leftovers and packing the freezer with half containers of this and that.  I think I need to get a meal sealer deal as I am still wasting food.  OR maybe more like learning how to cook smaller portions or need to set portions aside from the start??

The weather was good  this weekend and the purple nettle was high again.  Sunday evening I heard a noise and Michael was out there weed whacking all along the house and the fence.  He is the neighbor/homeowner to the left.  Weird situation there as the former owner's ex wife and daughter wound up with the house.  Daughter is currently in jail but they tend the property.  Michael is a good guy and hard worker.  Their tenant does nothing and the less I see of him, the better.  DJ often lent Michael tools and such as he didn't always have what he needed on hand to tend to the property maintenance.  It is a little hard to communicate with him however as he lost his hearing while serving on a naval vessel years ago.   He does not read lips or sign so you have to write notes.  I was trying to tell him that I could mow the back yard but he insisted on doing it with his own push mower.   He told me he would be back to mow my left side yard on Monday.  Really it just a few more laps on the rider than he was previously making.  He said "I'm not going to charge you.  Your man helped me and I want to help you.  Help out the other guy".  He meant Robert.  Robert is the neighbor that I gave our riding mower to in exchange for keeping me mowed this year.  He was out mowing the right side yard and back behind the fence on Monday mid morning.   I am thinking that the guys have worked out a system to take care of it for me.  That's fine!  Now if the guy across the lane will just mow the part that is his on the other side of his fence it is all good.  The neighbors have been so helpful and I so appreciate it.

Believe it or not, I did get a bit of sewing done yesterday.  I finished up my embroidery piece for the blog hop on Monday evening and now I need to turn it into something functional.   Norma and I had spent a bit of time on Sunday brainstorming and tossing pattern suggestions back and forth.  While I did not necessarily use what we had discussed, I made a start Tuesday afternoon.  Other than that basic 9 patch for the foundation piecing hop in mid February that is the only sewing I have done in two months.  Looking back it is probably even longer than that as I wasn't doing much before that what with putting down the laminate floor in mid January and definitely not since DJ's passing.

The black scroll print piece may not make it into the mix but that remains to be seen.  You may recognize this as bits from the Henry Glass And Sew On line.  It fits the theme and what I am making.  No, I cannot show you but my feature day is in about two weeks.  I am waiting for some trim I ordered so may not get too much further with my project unless it happens to show up today.  I have altered the pattern I am using a bit though and plan on machine quilting part of it---today's project.

 The desire to sew is coming back and that is a good thing though some household responsibilities will still take precedence.  I've got a list around here somewhere and just need to give myself permission to play with some fabric.  I have had a quilt kit for Brioche and Baguette that uses the Connecting Thread's Fiesta Line on hand for months now and that might be a fun one to do next.  Bright, happy colors.   Then there is always the dust ruffle of the queen bed frame and replacement covers for both of Skyler's perches to think about in addition to the other promised items.  I've got a great baby to sew for, a niece getting married this summer, purses, sewing items----got to get back in the swing of things one of these days.

Some days though it is hard to want to get up, get dressed, eat let alone cook anything. Some days I'm down, I'm tearful but Skyler makes me get past some of that.  He needs me.  I have to occasionally have a talk with myself to get a grip and put one foot in front of the other and do the best I can for that day.   Moments of strength and determination and moments of sadness.  I guess that is to be expected.    Sorry.


  1. One day at a time, sometimes one hour or even minute. You are doing it your way as it should be, take the time you need and it will come together. Lean on your friends/family to help carry you through the dark moments. You don't have to apologize for feeling the way you are at that moment. One step at a time.

  2. It's what we friends are for, to listen, hold you up when you need it. This is a road many of us will travel, my sister did it 7 years ago at 49. She said her children and friends were her saviors. That's why we all keep coming back. So gift yourself some sewing time! Take care,

  3. You are accomplishing so much, I would probably still be sitting around in my PJs. So glad the neighbors are taking care of the yard, one less thing to worry about. And glad you are wanting to sew again, I believe sewing is therapeutic in itself, the act of creating something is very satisfying. Hang in there, you are doing great, like Jackie said one day/step at a time.


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