Apr 24, 2014

Loop the Loop

The picture is a little bit fuzzy but my dad was able to upload a picture of the quilt that my mom made for my youngest nephew Ted using the Loop the Loop pattern.  Isn't it neat!?  Ted's color requests were for blues, orange, yellows, etc so I believe this fills the bill quite nicely.

Dad is on the right and it looks like they recruited someone at Peace Meals to hold up the other end as this was taken at the Community Center.  Maybe Mom was taking the picture then.  I guess I have a few people reading my blog anyway, LOL.   I said something about wishing I had a picture and a few hours later I got one.

I still have not settled on what I want to work on at the sew-in days and should be packing up the car.  I cannot decide what I want to fix to take as a snack type food either.  I am not usually this indecisive and waffling like this.   HMMM  I have the stuff on hand to make either of them.  I guess since my appetite went the way of my desire to cook I just can't too revved up about it but I am one of the few people who brings home made stuff to these deals.  It is too convenient to just run to Wal-mart or Publix.  I have a couple of interesting recipes that I can try---but I can't decide.

 This one is Oatmeal Butterscotch Bars and I am borrowing their image from the post.  Yummo butterscotch and something redeeming in oatmeal???


And this morning this one was on one the facebook feeds I follow----Cinnamon Roll Bread from Center Cut Cook.    Again their image I am borrowing.  This doesn't need any yeast;  it uses a combo of baking powder, egg and sour cream or yogurt for the leavening action plus there is no oil, butter or shortening in it.

Think I'll go walk Oscar and give this some more pondering.  OR could make both. How is that for making NO decision?  I bet I can find someone to eat either one.


  1. Ha ha...and the cinnamon is supposed to help regulate blood sugar...so we can say you are making all health food!

  2. Your Mom's Loop the Loop quilt is gorgeous!

    Both recipes look great and I am sure you won't have a hard time finding someone to share them with. LOL

  3. The cinnamon roll bread looks easy and yummy. I might have to make some and field test it on my friends! The loop quilt is beautiful. Good job! (That is how I found your blog...someone had a post with a link to your loop pattern on your blog.)


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