Apr 15, 2014

another day

 Look who is in the house---and in jail.  Doesn't Oscar look like he knows he is in trouble?   We had a repeat of doggie missing and back up at his old house, under the fence, although not bothering the other dogs.  Glynda says he is acting like a different dog since he has been down at my house.  Not on the attack as he had done before when they threw their hands up in frustration.

Because of the rain, and now rain and cold blustery winds, Robert did not get the hole in the corner of the fence tended to.  Oscar apparently had no trouble moving that brick I tried to wedge into the opening.  He also had problem squeezing past the milk crate either though I didn't know that right away.  I took the leash up, walked him home, went in the shed to get the cat carrier for just temporary. Poor little thing was shivering in the cold.   Those few moments of inattention gave him time to get out of the yard again, run up the street and meander around in their back yard trying to get back UNDER their fence.  I walked him home again but this time he went in the cat carrier till I could go get him the dog crate.  It is going to be down in the 20's tonight possibly.  It appears that he won't stay in the yard or the dog house at night if he has an escape route.  He seems fine in the day time but must just get lonely at night.  I would only use the crate at night or if there is bad weather and he needs to come in.

I hate having to contain him but I honestly do not know another way.  He can see me, less whimpering, and I can get him out for feeding, walks and romps in the backyard but you better believe he is not going to have access to that hole unattended.  I parked myself on the milk crate and took him off the leash to romp around twice since I got him back home.  He does not seem to "get" that he is supposed to do his business while we were walking though and I was hoping he would .

 I've got to keep him separated from Skyler obviously.  I moved his food bowl into the master bedroom and the litter box into the master bathroom for now.  There was a bit of growling, Skyler humping up and staring and not venturing too far into the kitchen.  Guess we'll see what happens tonight and tomorrow.  Weather is supposed to be warming up to the 60's tomorrow whereas today, 40's (but feels like 30's) and now that it is getting later in the day, the sun is coming out.  Weather dude says that will give the cold front a chance to drop the temps like a rock.

Other than pet related activities. I have not done a whole lot today.  I had barely started the blog hop yesterday--looking at the first two blogs---so I got caught up with the girls today.  It occurs to me that I have to prepare my blog post for late, late Wednesday "go live"  and all I have are the crappy pictures I took last week.  After two days and about 2.5 inches of rain it is pretty soggy out in the yard.  You would not believe what I have tracked in on my shoes, or maybe you would.  I seriously need to dust up (ugh, yellow pollen) the house, sweep, vacuum and mop!!  But will I procrastinate?  oh, I think you know the answer to that one, LOL.

BUT I would rather sew, of course.  2nd column is now done.  Third one is pinned but not stitched.  Maybe tonight?


  1. He may look a bit sad but at least he's safe. My dog sleeps in a crate and sometimes during the day he'll crawl in and have a nap. Forget the pollen it's going to keep coming in for awhile (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

  2. awww, he was just lonely, now he is nice and warm and dry. I hope he didn't keep you awake last night. good progress on the 'design wall'! love the blue tape, used it on my last project, works great! stay warm!

  3. Kitty and puppy will get used to each other. We have 2 inside cats and a dog. The cats terrorize the poor dog. They use him for a pillow! Kitty food is up. Litter box is out of the way so it is not a snack bar for the disgusting doggy. Good luck!


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