Apr 22, 2014

some progress

Well, I drug one of my machines to Bama Belles today and actually got some sewing done.  I could have gone to lunch with two different groups but elected to stay till I got the top to this point.  (Julie had brought some leftover cake from their Easter meal so I was not hungry in the first place.)   It seemed like everyone had somewhere else to be today or going out to lunch is the natural cut off point.    

All the vertical sashing and/or side bordering is in place though I know it is blending in with the doors.  I had left the sections for the top and bottom borders at home since I didn't think I would get that far anyway.  It will measure 57 x 75 when complete.  I'll get that done in a bit.  It won't take long to set the machine back up.

A friend of Lois' daughter who is soon to be a grandmother will be getting this quilt.  Lois did the embroidery motifs on her machine as apparently Mickey and Minnie Mouse is the nursery theme.  She also made the top up but her daughter will be quilting and finishing it up.  The girls did the honors pinning it.

Next I will need to figure out where I want to focus my energies come sew-in time later in the week.  Pull out something I have started and make myself work on it or pick something new???   There are a lot of options in the started column, that's for sure!   Usually the "make yourself" thing works better when I am sewing in the first place.  That is not the case lately.  I have decided to join in the picnic hop next month but I am waiting for some fabrics to arrive there.  

Maybe my guild challenge piece?    They have apparently pushed the deadline back for the "first letter, first name" challenge thing though I believe they are calling it something else. 

 I am planning on doing a version of that Loop the Loop deal I had explored back in January.  http://catsnqlts2.blogspot.com/2014/01/adapted-loop-loop-aka-adapting-patterns.html    See the picture below.  Just as background, this is the one I re-designed in EQ to ditch a bunch of extra lines.  You know what?  My mom has actually made a few sized bed quilt for my youngest nephew.  I wish she would get a picture of it because I saw what she had started when I was back in IL in February.  I believe she said it was at the long arm quilters or about to be, LOL.  The multi colored rings had an Olympics vibe.

BUT I like this one too from an earlier post    Lacy Lattice Work #2583

I have some fabrics set aside for the Loop the Loop thing so maybe I'll cut and kit that one tomorrow.  We'll see.

Meanwhile I don't think it is raining anymore.  Oscar and I need to stretch our legs.  Him being a dachshund his don't stretch too far, LOL.  I had wondered why my right arm was aching so today other than the wet weather and dragging sewing machines around.  Of course, it is from trying to hold him back when he is going at break neck speed and trying to get at the squirrels.

Till next time------

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  1. I love how the Fiesta quilt t is coming--so cheerful! That quilt will finish at a perfect size for the couch for wrapping up in to watch the TV in the evenings.


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