Apr 4, 2014

at long last

I can finally put my Atkinson Designs Popsicle Sticks AKA PopStix quilt on the bed.  I think I had the top all finished at least a year ago.  The backing fabric hung in the closet for months till it broke the hanger, LOL.  Denise had it quilted by August 2013.  I had it bound in time for the Gadsden quilt show last fall but I wanted to keep it free of cat hair, dust, etc.  By that time it was fall and time for the fall themed quilts, not this spring/summer one.

I kept it bagged up in a pillowcase for Friendship Quilters show in early March knowing that one day spring might possible show up, LOL.  Off came the two quilts that have been on the bed with a lowered thermostat.  It has been staying up in the mid 70's the last couple nights and I have even had the ceiling fan on.  Cool, dark and quiet is the recipe for sleep after all.

Of course, you see who had to come hop on the bed as soon as the camera came out.  Actually it was an adventure to even get the newly laundered bedding on there as he wanted to play, roll around and attack me.  I practically had to drag him out from under the fitted sheet or he would still be in there!

You know it will probably turn colder again now that I have dialed back the covers.  We already have a cold front anyway as some rain came in.  This being the starts of tornado season there is always a concern that thunderstorms may morph into severe weather.  I guess there was tornadic activity in TX, maybe OK and AR too yesterday.  My step-DIL said her son had already had two tornado warnings at college, down near St. Louis.   I spotted about a quarter inch of rain in my gauge as we had some wind and rain about 8 or so.  Still cloudy and dampish with temps about 10-12 degrees lower than the past two days.

I started to swap out machines so I can quilt my hop project several hours ago but that is about as far as it got.  One is packed up and the other is waiting to be unpacked.  Other than marking the piece for quilting and pressing another component that is all that got done with it yesterday. Well, that was AFTER I got past the fact that I sprayed a whole section of batting with the rubberized stuff that I put on the back of my rulers to keep them from sliding rather than quilt basting spray.   That will teach me to look at the cans  more carefully in the future.  Just not my day, I guess.  Mostly, I was putting some apps on my phone.  I need a SIM card for one of them and don't think it has one.  A mystery for another day.

Here's hoping I can be a bit more productive this afternoon and now that the needed trim is here, get this puppy finished up.


  1. I have to laugh at Skyler. My tuxedo cat was often the same way, but I just kept on making up the bed. I knew when he wanted out he could get out. I frequently noticed him missing and would find him burrowed under the bed clothes.

  2. Hi Linda, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  3. love the popsicles! so bright and colorful. Yes, this week I took off the flannel sheets and electric blanket, and this morning it is 42 degrees here. I knew better. But it is so nice to change things up, out with the heavy and on with the light and colorful. Too funny about the spray, but I guess it wasn't at the time... :)

  4. nice quilt and cute kitty. my kitties "make the bed with mommy" too. and they think it is a game. they sneak under and let me cover them up. then they will get on top and roll in it as if saying this is mine. too funny!

  5. The quilt looks great! I still have my version in the to be quilted pile. I sometimes wonder about these two cats we have. I think they can make a game out of just about anything--even making the bed! I suppose that batting was not salvageable after that mishap'. Darn!


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