Apr 21, 2014

I promised you quilts from the last meeting...........

............and tomorrow it is time for us to meet again. Boy I dropped the ball on that one but we'll go "better late, than never".  These were ones that Lois turned in.  Some I know what the pattern is and others, not.  Lois cracks me up because if you ask HER  what it might be she just says she "had too many scraps"   They are still stacked up waiting for me to enter them in a document and number them.   I was busy with other things and am not sure what closet I am going to put them in.  If someone asked for quilts because there was a need in the community for us to fill right away, it might light a fire under me.  It has just been one less thing to worry about at this point.

Eleanor Burns' Twin Sister.  I like the mixed blue sashing that she used for this.  This is one of those "two blocks at once" deals so you usually see the opposite coloration pinwheel and background pairs somewhere in the quilt.  A child could play a matching game with it.

I really like the fall toned hour glass blocks on this one and the yellow is so vibrant.  It had a fall backing too---I think.  It is down on the bottom of the stack so I am not toppling it to verify, LOL.

This is one of those 2 1/2 inch strip patterns from G. E. Designs  Strip Stack I believe this one is called

Hunter's Star using Deb Tucker's Rapid Fire Ruler.  See THIS VIDEO on you-tube for the technique.  I bought one recently but turns out I should have gotten the slightly smaller one and then we could have shared them.

She has made several quilts like this in the past.  I think I could call it Squares and Rails and that would work

This is probably a form of Broken Dishes but a scrappy version it and dressed up with the consistent pieced sashing and plain cornerstones.  Very effective and a good way to use half square triangle units perhaps left over  from another quilt.  Who knows?  It might be something Bonnie Hunter did in one of her Quiltmaker columns.

I would call this one 9 in 4 patch or something like that.  Good use of some of those scraps!

The girls pinned another bunch of quilts at the last meeting so there will be more coming.  Thankfully, I remembered to take the other half of the batting roll with me.  We get it by the 60 some yard roll 48 wide but when open the package there is no enough room in the closet (behind where the quilt is hanging) to store that much of it.   We roll off about half of it onto a cardboard tube and I take the rest back home to store in the utility shed till needed.

 Speaking of no room in the closet, when Bev and I first got there and were getting stuff out of the closet for our use at the meeting, I was greeted by a replacement window.  How they even got that in there past the library cart and such I do not know.  We had to get at the table risers, pins, tape, scissors, etc.  Before we moved it though we asked the church secretary about it so someone would know where it went, LOL.    It IS their building to use as they see fit but it was a little surprising is all!   I know they had a Easter Sunrise service with a breakfast right after this past Sunday so we'll see what configuration the room is in tomorrow.  Regardless, we work around it and try to leave things as we found them.

I could take my Brioche and Baguette sections with me tomorrow and sew but probably won't.  Friendship Quilters have their sew-in later in the week but I am not sure which day/days Jane and maybe Terri will want to go over but I will need something to work on then.  Handwork or knitting,  it is.   I got as far as all three columns being stitched as well as the vertical sashing and borders.  I might take those with me to cut to size as it would be easier to do that at the meeting place.   We normally set up the cutting mats in the pass through from the kitchen to the fellowship hall or I could use the pinning table if it measures 6 foot as my strips measure about 70 inches.

 I sewed a bit yesterday just to keep busy but honestly, my heart was not it.  It was not a good day emotionally.  I suppose that is to be expected.  Any holiday is rough when you have lost a loved one.  Try as I might to focus on the religious implications of the day, determination was not enough and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.  His birthday would be next Monday and I don't expect that is going to be any easier.  I ended up just doing a lot of reading more than anything else.  Nothing wrong with that.   Glynda did invite me to join them for dinner when I talked to her while out walking Oscar but honestly, I would not have been good company and passed.  Emily, Robbie's wife came down later to see if I wanted them to give Oscar a bath as they were doing the other 4 dogs.  Yes, thank you! He smells so much better, LOL.

I've been busy with other things here at home though.  The blog hop, writing emails on Thursday. Oh and I went to a small quilt show at a nearby church where they were exhibiting some Hawaiian quilts.  I'll post about that later as I have the owner's permission to share that on my blog.  I had posted some of it on Facebook but that was mostly so the local folks could go over that afternoon or Saturday.   Friday, I joined some of the girls for lunch up in Jacksonville.

 Of course, the critters keep me hopping too.  Oscar and I walk 3 or 4 times a day even though he is in a fenced in yard.   Today I loaded him up in the cat carrier which he hated and we did a lap and half around the local park which he loved.  I had in the car once before NOT contained and that was NOT a good idea.  He can whimper and all that but he is not staying loose.

 Mamacita comes charging over to be fed usually about the time I am out with Oscar. She watches for the door to open from the neighbor's yard up the street.  I don't always see her but sometimes she is visible from my house and comes running.  Of course, Skyler HAS to know what is going on outside with those others when he is supposed to be the center of the universe.  Then I have to keep him from trying to get out and her from coming in plus fill up that food bowl.  I don't know that anyone has figured out where her babies are.  

The yard seems to be proofed against Oscar digging out and I got a few heavy, heavy brick like things from Lowe's to be sure he doesn't get any bright ideas back in that corner he had been using as an escape route.  That, and he comes in at night to sleep.  He is good as gold in his crate in the evening.  I don't think he was really ready to go out this morning because he wanted right back in the house once he did his business and ate, LOL.   I think he does spend a little time in his dog house too especially if it is a bit drippy outside.  I was very quiet in leaving the house and going around the fence to check a bit ago.  He spotted me and came running just as I was about even with the opening.

 Skyler is so funny though.  He tried to sneak up on Oscar the other night to see what was going on in that crate.  Oscar looked like he was sleeping and here is Skyler in stealth mode till Oscar let out one bark.  He could not get any traction on that laminate floor and those back claws were just skittering.  He also sneaks into the open door of the crate to nose around when Oscar is outside.  Sniff, sniff, sniff.  He will follow me into the kitchen for food but stays close to me in the evenings, giving him a wide berth.

Well, I plan on making some chicken enchiladas for supper so best close this up and head out to the kitchen.  Oscar is barking and that often means that Mamacita is here for a nosh.  Next time, pics of the Hawaiian quilts.  +


  1. Wow that is a great bunch of quilts for the charity "stash"
    Give Skyler a petting for me.

  2. Thank you again for the pictures. I always love to see what others are doing with scraps. Glad to hear that Oscar has had his bath. Have a great day!


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