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Spring foliage

Some of the spring foliage from a few days ago---of course they all have opened up a bit more since then. Isn't nature grand?

The pampered lilac bush--not native to the area so DJ augments the soil, etc. All that attention is starting pay off. After about 5 years in the ground, it is looking the best it has ever looked with lots of blooms open now.
One of the azaleas--this one was darned near dead when we moved in but it is now thriving with the help of "Farmer Alfalfa" Watering it also encourages the clover and nettle though.

This azalea looks a bit more spindly. It was planted in a pot for a long time and it looked better than the other bush. Loaded with blooms though. We also have a small white Encore azalea planted between the two red ones that he got last year.

My little dogwood tree. Actually this is the 3rd one we have tried to grow and seem to be having a bit more luck. I really had my heart set on a pink one but I guess those will have to be enjoyed in someone els…

check in on a Weds. evening

The Belles met yesterday so as usual I have a few finished quilts to share. The framed 4 patches were some from Nancy that I assembled and Ginny quilted. She used a nice leaf pattern on it so I hope the quilting shows up. Silly me--I went off without the digital camera so DJ had to do the honors once I got home.

Ginny also quilted the pseudo- Railroad Crossing top with a multicolored primary color thread in a zigzag pattern. I think it looks like a "happy" quilt but then I love yellow or gold. I have noticed that a lot of the quilts I make DO have yellows in them. If I like them, then I imagine one of the kids will too.

The other quilted top is one that Lois made shortly after her quilt shop class on how to use the Tri Recs ruler. When she pinned it she commented that her husband didn't think that she should donate this one. She used what she had left of the blue/red print on the back with a border around it--stashbusting is contagious??

We pinned a few quilt tops yester…

Charity Quilt Day

Please pass on the following to any interested quilt group, online list, blog etc-----------

"Charity Quilt Day" March 29 Wraps Up "National Quilt Month"

To wrap up "National Quilt Month," Judy Howard is designating March 29 as "Charity Quilt Day." This is a campaign to raise awareness and funding for the sacrificial volunteer work of hundreds of thousands of quilters who provide comforters for sick babies, orphans, homeless and elderly people, cancer and Alzheimer's patients, soldiers and victims of disaster-those most in need of the touch of God's love and comfort that quilts represent.

On March 29, Judy is donating the net proceeds of Amazon sales of her books, "Heavenly Patchwork I and II" and "Centennial Stitches-Oklahoma History in Quilts" and companion DVDs to non-profit organizations like Linus, local Quilt Guilds, The Hugs Project, Binky Patrol, ABC Quilts, Quilts for Injured Soldiers, Wrap Them in Love, Newborn…

Thurs check in

Pippi enjoying the spring weather. I may regret opening up the doors and windows with all that yellow pollen stuff blowing around right now but it is so nice to be able to not be so shut up in the house and have hot air blowing. Not sure what the trees beside the pines are responsible but I read that there are about 6 trees that produce that dust this time of year.

I have seen all kinds of redbud out --at least I THINK it is redbud-- and the dogwoods are starting to show up and a few azalea bushes are already in full flower. Just in the last few days it really looks different out there. My little dogwood so far has two little teensy bracts open---lots of possible blossoms this year so I have hopes that I might be able to share a picture of it this year. DJ said his much babied lilac is doing well too. Gotta love it!

DJ and I had to laugh at Pippi the other day when the neighborhood tomcat came by to see her. They butt heads through the glass at the base of the storm door and try to snif…

checking in

From Wednesday afternoon, Pippi, the bright eyes girl---just sure that I am heading to get her Petromalt. That must be like "chocolate" is to humans or something. The one below shows her scouting out the birds flitting around outside on the patio. Today she is smelling the pot roast cooking in the pressure cooker and is trying to get me back out to the kitchen with her.

Yesterday we had a rainy day and eventually had over an inch of rain in the last 24 hours. The weather guy says that most areas are about 6 inches behind on our rainfall totals for the year so even a little bit will help. DJ and I went on our trek to the thrift store about 35 miles from here and found him several really nice golf shirts for a dollar each. Some of these were quite pricey designer name shirts. We stopped a catfish restaurant for lunch on the way home.

Here is my DJ up on the ladder doing some home maintenance work. He needs the super long ladder that was NOT delivered on the moving van when we m…

quilts and quilt meetings

A few pictures to share of recently completed donation quilts

A couple of the girls are doing 16 patches lately--I've got one to stitch up too, as a matter of fact, in a Road to St. Louis setting. This is Theramae's simply sashed and cornerstoned version. She used a small check for the cornerstones and then used the same fabric for the binding cut on the bias.
Theramae is calling this one "Dotty Rickrack". Fits doesn't it? The pattern is actually called Streak of Lightning and can be found in the book 101 Fabulous Rotary Cut Quilts from Judy Hopkins and Nancy J. Martin---this was a compliation of some of their earlier books like Rotary Roundup and Rotary Riot so it might be in either of those publications too. She had used some of these same fabrics to make a wallhanging for her school teacher daughter's class room and used it all up by making scrappy binding from the fabrics leftover from the quilt top. Aline's Log CabinAline's Butterfly Challenge …

more spring pics

Every year, it seems, we have birds building nests on the front door light and occasionally the back door one as well. You look closely and click on the picture I think see that the bits of grass and some sort of fuzzy stuff. Makes me wonder if it is quilt batting or dryer fluff, LOL.

The Bradford Pears are blooming every where and it seems like it happened just overnight. Highs in the 60's and plenty of sunlight will do that, I guess. This at the entrance to the subdivision at the end of our lane. I don't know if you can tell but there are three rows of trees, on the outside edges of the two lanes and on the median. About 20 or 21 trees. Looks like popcorn on the tree limbs in person.
Not sure what kind of tree this is in our yard but it is flowering--might be the plum tree or the apple. It was darned near dead but seems to be coming back this year. DJ had sawed off some of the really gone limbs so that may have helped.

And this one---no burning prohibition in the cou…

tricky cards

Taking the day off from quilting--again.

I have 5 of the 9 done as of Thursday evening, finishing up quilting on the strippie top shown HERE. Take a look at the top and let me know if you think it would be better for a girl than boy. Those hearts and all that pink/purple have me debating about that.

Marilyn and I went up to the Piecemaker quilt group on Thursday evening as they were helping our friend and fellow Belle Betsy celebrate a milestone birthday. Marilyn makes and decorates cakes so she had done the honors last week. Then the threat of tornadoes and thunderstorms cancelled the party till this week and the cake went to the freezer. I didn't take anything to work on as I had been quilting all afternoon and had had enough for the day. Marilyn had a pile of donated Card Trick blocks to give me---I'll get back to that in a minute.

Yesterday, no quilting either. I was late getting up and then we walked in the a.m. My morning preparations take longer now that I am back to shor…

some pics

Linda S. Four Patch quilt---I tried to do a free motion scallop thing in the borders---wish I had just gone ahead and marked it as I really stink at this free motion stuff. The stitch length was pretty good this time but I really am not fond of shoving something in there without a guide of some sort. I have all the horizontal lines done on the 2nd quilt I started yesterday and a quarter of the verticals--probably will take another hour's work to have the quilting done and the binding put on.
Pippi was waiting for us in the kitchen when we returned from our walk and looking so darned cute draped on the chair. When I tried to take the picture though, she was having none of it! Venture anywhere near the laundry room and this is what you see---her food and Petromalt are out there and her food bowl is on that placemat on the right. She doesn't do that to DJ, just me. She is not always laying around thought she has that action (inaction?) down.

The daffodils--the orange centered ones…

quilting mode

Pippi cuddling with the laundry--nothing like warm underwear fresh from the dryer, huh? Next best would be lolling in the sunshine.

Sunday my goal was to finish up a pile of 96 HST's. Tedious work cutting them apart pressing and trimming dog ears but I don't need to tell you that. Who hasn't "been there and done that"? I set all aside that evening and watched another DVD off our shelf with DJ.

After looking at a stack of 9 donation quilts piled up on the armoire for almost a week, I thought I best get to quilting yesterday after I ran errands. I set the Viking back up, turned the table around to face the "quilting position" in my little room and got busy. This Snuggle Up and this 9 Patch were the ones I got done. Simple zoom lines for one and a grid in the other.

Today will be much the same---I've got one of Linda S tops set out (large 4 patches and plain alternating blocks in nice bright colors--pic once I'm done with it) and the sashed transporta…

two quilt example

Mary mentioned in her blog posting about some heartstrings variations that were being discussed on list. She also showed some EQ sketches that she had been playing with.

Her center one reminded me of this one that my mom and I did---well, she did most of it and I think pieced it to Reader's Digest pages or some such thing. It is all strings turned into HST's but could also be pieced as a 4 section block of strings on point as a vertical strippie. She used a limited palette of color on this as well but I may have quilted it. (Mom, do you remember? Looks like your house in the background.

The other quilt is Naptime as the label says. Shelina showed a quilt in her post the other day with a quilt she called Flip Flop that reminded me of one like this. It is an old favorite from Quiltmaker's magazine that they reprinted in the Fall 2002 All Time Favorites. I can't find my scribble note about just were it was originally printed. This is one we kitted up on one of my "b…

day off

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Someone posted a Picklescartoon on their blog yesterday that made me think of one I had clipped a few years back. Appropriate, right? Sorry but I cannot remember whose blog is was but it was cute too--Earl, the crochety old man character said that he was going to have his ashes at the fabric store so he at least stood a chance of his wife, Opal, coming to visit him. (edited note---it was Beth at bzyqltr so you can see for yourself. Thanks for helping to jog my memory, Beth!)

So far today is a lazy morning but in a way, we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. We had one band of thunderstorms move in about 3 a.m. and the sirens sounded about 5 but at that time no tornadic activity. The weather persons had said last evening that if it were to stay overcast this morning, that perhaps the afternoon storms would be less intense but there are tornado warnings are on the Mississippi/Alabama line near Tupelo, MS and some of the…