Oct 10, 2011

Design Wall Monday---wk. 42?

Now that I pulled the "Summer" wall hanging down from the design wall, that area looks so bare! Even though it was not completed at least I got to enjoy what I did have done thru the summer months.

The binding in the bag is for the July Button Up flag and the plaid, for summer. The buttons are needed for embellishments on Summer and Pat's bday present. That stuff is up there so I don't misplace them, to be honest.

Of course my thoughts have turned to fall/autumn and the only one of the four in the Halvorsen "In Seasons" series that is not done. I know it will be the "next up" rewards type project. Maybe leaving the book out will provide some inspiration about which fabrics to use or the push to get some quilting done on these small pieces anyway.

First, I have a few little tasks to complete to get ready for quilt group tomorrow. Possibly an errand or two as well.

In closing, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers----

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