Oct 3, 2011

Design Wall Monday---wk. 41?

Oh there is something on the design wall but nothing I can show you till the bday Par-tay later in the month.

Can you tell what I am up today just by looking at some of the tools of the trade? Would the comment to my husband that I needed to vacuum up the mess in here before I made more tip you off? I think that both of these mats are nearing their time to be replaced!

My TSP main part is all pieced though the applique elements need some button hole applique and embellishment. Today it is back to the pieced border and down in the home stretch. I changed some things around in the pattern but that was my choice. Enjoy the process or why do it?

I did some trimming stuff this morning but mostly I was taking care of some of the home tasks to this point. DJ had an app't with the opthalmologist this morning in preparation for his cataract surgery later this month. Lots of eye drops will need to be administered. I will also have to give him a sub-q med since he will be off his regular blood thinner pre-op. To help us both, I made up a med sheet document, similar to what I used while I was still practicing, just to keep it all on track. This week little has changed for him but next week, we will have to be on our toes.

In addition to my trying to get the bday present moved along, I see the oral surgeon on Wednesday. I was lucky that my dentist could get me in fairly quickly to glue the popped off crown back on without the tooth part breaking down any further. The broken, cracked chipped or whatever tooth next to it? Yeah it would be a post, root canal and crown combo to the tune of 1200 bucks. I asked if I could just have it pulled instead. No, I don't really want to be minus a tooth but we just plain cannot afford that kind of money for one stinkin' tooth. The dentist was surprised that it was not causing a lot of pain as apparently the nerve is almost exposed. YIKES! Hopefully we can get this taken care of in a timely manner and before DJ needs me to help him with his situation.

On Thursday I have been asked to do a short program at the JOY group on essentially " you have a top---now what?" Pretty broad subject but I guess they have some new and/or inexperienced quilters in the group. I am to show them how to pin baste but I will incorporate some thoughts about what long arm quilters expect when you take a quilt to them.

And sew it goes--------busy, busy, busy.

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