Sep 30, 2011


The whole household is busy, busy, busy this morning. I am prepping one of the applique blocks for the TSP. I don't care if Pat DOES see it---she still won't know entirely what I am up to, LOL.

I finished the re-stitching on the block that I had mis-cut due to a pattern error but mostly I am piddling at my own speed on this.

Skyler is sitting in the middle between the two areas of activity so he can go either way with the supervision he is providing. Mostly he is watching DJ at this point but not wanting to get TOO close.

And DJ? He is taking advantage of the cooler, early morning overcast weather to planting some dwarf nandina bushes in the space where he had taken out the bushes/shrubs, darned near trees previously.

Lowe's had them on sale in a mix and match sale 4 for $10. Can't argue about the price since they are normally about 6 bucks for a 2.5 qt. pot. We knew we wanted something that would stay fairly small and these are purported to only grow to about 3 feet in height. We have one near the end of our drive way that a previous homeowner planted. It will spread out horizontally and seems to survive in benign neglect though they should be pruned. (DJ was reading in his southern gardener books before we went to get them) He has never deliberately watered it and it still has thrived even in the drought years. Reminds me a bit of a burning bush with the fall color.

DJ says we can put down the weed barrier stuff black paper later but for now the what to plant question has been answered. I don't know if he still plans on putting down a barrier between the bed and yard or not. I don't want boards back down if they are going to rot out again or get insect infestation---again.

DJ and I were thrilled that our STL Cardinals were able to prevail and win the NL MLB wild card, even if I hate the wild card format. It was hard for us to root against the Braves and pull for whoever they were playing. Since we are out of the Midwest market and can't watch the Cards as often as we would like, the Braves are our secondary team. I do follow along on Gameday on the computer and he flips over to the ESPN crawl to check but it isn't the same as watching a game. Proud of both of our teams. STL has over come a lot of adversity this year to get where they are. Who'd a thunk it?

And sew it goes-------

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  1. I was looking at my very dead flower beds in front of the house this morning thinking, what a beautiful day to clean those up! lol... too bad i had to come to work. I figure this year cleaning them out will be easy, the drought nearly killed everything!!


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