Sep 17, 2011

well, that's about done!

The boring sewing is almost done.

Pictured is binding for 9 quilts. Most of it I pressed as I finished it rather than piling it all up like I usually do for days on end. All neat and tidy and marked with which top it goes with. My mom had sent the half cardboard in something she mailed me recently. That is how she stores her prepared binding. I just followed suit. You can see that I ran out of steam for wanting to do all that red dot stuff. Since it is two quilt's worth, that might explain why, LOL. At that point I still needed to seam the last quilt back so I moved on. It's done now and laundered to soften the fabric up. It should be fine for our purposes.

I had thought briefly about starting a Prairie Window kit that I had made up using some of the Belles challenge fabrics. Naw, not today. Maybe some handwork but more likely I will work the puzzles in the local paper instead. Or read.

And sew it goes-----day's goals almost met.

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  1. that is my least favorite job! I hate preparing binding!!! I would have run out of steam much sooner than you did!


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