Sep 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday? not quite!

So far I have gotten a little bit further with the hand stitching on TSP----almost done with that part of the process, but not quite. Still, I feel a bit like sewing so this is the kit I pulled to satisfy THAT urge. Skyler is in the window seat keeping me company.

The pattern is Prairie Window from quiltwoman. The seashell fabric was found in one of the scrap bags we set up for the Belles Scrappy Challenge. I am pretty sure the stripe was something from the donation bin but who knows for sure. The rest is from my stash. One piece reminds of wet sand actually----fitting! I have elected NOT to do the outer border bits for this one but still make a good sized pro bono quilt fairly quickly.

I swapped out the summer quilt pieces for the more fall themed items yesterday. I might be rushing the season a little bit since fall starts on the 23rd but it was time in my book. A few of my wall hangings are unavailable right now because of the pending quilt shows so I hung this one. I don't think it has been on my blog before or it has been awhile anyway, LOL.

It is a scaled down version of Tonee White's "Animal Stack" from her book Appliquilt: Whimsical One-Step Applique and Quilting. Yeah, it is country and folky but I like that stuff too.

This will be a little bit of a chopped up week for me. DJ wants to go out for lunch tomorrow. Thursday, I am going to go help set up at the Gadsden Quilt show. I am going back up to the show on Saturday with a girlfriend(s) along with a stop at Hobby Lobby and lunch out. Fun stuff but it cuts into sewing time. I will need to get working on the remainder of Pat's TSP giftie in earnest somewhere along in there----and then there is all that quilting to do with TSP and quilt show entry right at the top of the list! Just working out the action plan in my head.

But for today, I sew! Standby, Quilt Holder.

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