Sep 15, 2011

quilt pics

These a few of the quilt turned in at the meeting on Tuesday.

Snoopy Kitty

Linda C's pieced and appliqued 30's quilt.
I do not know the pattern source but think it might be Darlene Zimmerman's Oopsie Daisy??

Linda C Twisted Sister---Ami Simm's pattern

Lois Twin Sisters---Eleanor Burns' pattern from her book
Quilts Through the Seasons

Lois 4 in 9 patch zigzag. The pattern is from a Quilter's World magazine October 2009

source: Bonnie Hunter's Addicted to Scraps column in the May/June '10 issue of Quiltmaker magazine

Hope you enjoyed the mini quilt show. Skyler sure did but he liked laying on them even better, LOL. Surprised that I didn't get nipped making him move from the first picture and then the clothes basket that contained the ones that we hadn't taken picture of yet.

I hope they click bigger. For some reason when I post from Chrome some do and some don't.

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  1. Lovely quilts. And so nice to see Skyler - a quilt picture without a cat is hardly a picture at all!


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