Sep 27, 2011

Gadsden Quilt show 2011

A few of the quilts that captured my attention. Some of them I know the maker-exhibitor and/or the pattern. There is no printed program, I didn't make any notes and just liked them. Notes will follow the picture.

Made by Miss Reba in the Gadsden quilt group. Itty bitty yo-yo's arranged in nine patches. She was celebrating her 80th birthday on Saturday at the show. Miss Reba also had two sizes of Cathedral Window in the show. Obviously she loves hand work!

This lovely French Braid quilt was made by my friend Aline's daughter Fran for her husband Rick who has not see it yet. It was awarded a 2nd place ribbon.  Fran is currently living in Puerto Rico, waiting to sell their home so they can move back stateside when her husband retires from the AFIS food service from the military.  This has been a long, slow process for her.

Both entries by Edna Carr, a friend from the Jacksonville (AL) Piecemaker's Quilt Group. The winter scene on the right was awarded the Best of Show. LOL, I liked her African themed one on the left better but hey, I was not judging the show. The BOS was more improvisational, her own design, raw edge appliqued which may have appealed more to the judges.

This one received a blue ribbon in its category but I know nothing about it.

A pretty bargello in my favorite color. I was working with the lady on set up day pinning on sleeves but did not know her.

I do not know the maker or the pattern beyond nine patches but isn't it striking!?  ( ED NOTE:  I have some more information, thanks to a reader and commenter who told me  "Hi! that's a "Blooming Nine Patch" with alternating solid and nine-patch squares. Widely seen at quilt shows! From the book "Tradition with a Twist", 1996, by Blanche Young and Dalene Young Stone. Enjoyed seeing this one. "

THX!!!  I know that has been taught at a quilt show in Birmingham in the past.  I guess I just haven't seen many of them all finished up at a show!  I think even two of my FAB pals have made a version of it, years ago!  Just didn't recognize it as the same quilt.   Too often the entry forms or the person entering a quilt does not provide pattern source information on their submission---too bad, IMHO.)

Made by Gayle Naugher of Golden Springs Baptist (Anniston, AL) Stitch and a Prayer group. Gayle is like me in that we both love 30's fabrics and she has several 30's quilts that I have seen exhibited before. It was awarded a 3rd place ribbon in the bed category.

Made by Judy Boozer of the Friendship Quilters group in St. Clair Co.  She called it "Totally Caffienated". It received a 2nd place ribbon in the bed quilt category. Very well done!

Brenda M from my quilting group, Lick Skillet Quilt guild and her own Wednesday night group made this one which took a 1st place ribbon in the applique category. I believe that this was the Robert Callahan Grandmother's (something) quilt that was featured in McCall's Quilting magazine some time back. I'll see her tomorrow to confirm that. Believe it or not, this was her first quilt!! She noted that she did not realize at the time that it was beyond her abilities at the time. Very well done!

Shawnee with her "Suitable for Framing" quilt that she made for her daughter. You can see how thrilled she was with her 2nd place ribbon in the applique division. Her daughter who was with her said "she took it right off my bed!" I told her that we make these quilts and give them to our family and friends but come quilt show time, we take them back to enter and display them, LOL.

A beautiful sampler quilt that I don't know much about other than it got a 1st place ribbon in the bed category. It may have been blocks that the Stitch and Prayer group did as BOM.

Lastly, Sue Ann R from the Jacksonville Piecemaker's group made this one for her mom. Hand quilted. Very striking and the border very unusual. It was the first one you saw as you came into the exhibit.

That's it for this note


  1. thanks for sharing the quilt show! very pretty quilts :)

  2. Hi! that's a "Blooming Nine Patch" with alternating solid and nine-patch squares. Widely seen at quilt shows! From the book "Tradition with a Twist", 1996, by Blanche Young and Dalene Young Stone. Enjoyed seeing this one.


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