Sep 12, 2011

Monday check-in

Skyler has had a busier morning than me! I had a wakeful night so made up for some missing hours of sleep from 6 to 830. He was monitoring the window seat in the meantime.

Then his buddy Chico, the neighborhood cat, came by to visit so he was busy running from the front door to the car port door to see him. They can head and body bump thru the front door since the glass goes all the way down but spoiled kitty gets a chair to hop on for car port viewing.

I left on a couple quick errands and he was waiting to run and play with me when I got back. Puffball tossing, catnip mouse clawing, shadow boxing and maniacal running ensued. Now the tired kitty is sacked out on the kitchen chair.

Meanwhile my BQ block pile is waiting to be pressed. I chained the section stuff through the machine yesterday but stopped at this point. It will not take long to chain the 30 blocks to completion and then start the assembly. I doubt that I will get the top done today since I plan to border it. New episodes---maybe the season finales actually of "The Closer" and "Rizzoli and Isles" are on tonight so I will be right by the TV and may push it.

Tomorrow the quilt group meets so I will probably get back to some hand work. TSP just needs a little bit more done and I could start the pieced elements. I may do one more top before I can concentrate my efforts on TSP.

Later in the week some of the gals and I will be going to a sew-in the Friendship Quilters group is hosting. It is for 3 days but I am just going on Friday or DJ would be telling me I am "gone too much". I will give some thought to what I want to work on while there. I am leaning towards my RWB 3-D bowties that would be one of my QOV contributions.

They may still have a pile of Moda "Just One Stars" that need to be worked into tops yet. The woman in charge of the project with Friendship Quilters is a veteran. She had gotten a box of at least 200 (I could check the minutes to find out) if not more from Moda that their employees and others had made up. HERE is a link to the post where Moda mentioned a goal 1800 blocks and 100 quilts by Flag Day. The pattern is downloadable in pdf format. Apparently they also shipped a bunch of the finished blocks out for quilt groups to make MORE quilts. Hey, the deadline may be passed but it is a perfectly good pattern to use to make more QOV quilts, right?

Never any shortage of things to stitch if I feel like it, right? And sew it goes--------

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