Sep 23, 2011

change of plans

This is what I should be working on today. Press this pile of binding and work on the TSP. The embroidery elements are now complete but other parts remain. Blocks need trimming, fabrics pulled, etc. To be honest, I don't think my back is up to pulling down fabric from the top shelves of the sewing room book cases. It is still squawking at me from yesterday's endeavors. Parts of it may get done this weekend, parts not. Just sayin', LOL.

After my rant about submitting quilts without sleeves yesterday, I knew I better practice what I preach. From writing up a quilt data worksheet earlier this month I knew that one of my planned entries for a later show would need some attention. The document is marked as such as a prompt.

I swear that my scrappy bargello had one on it once! It has been in a quilt show before but I vaguely remember taking it off and re-stitching the binding. I think, LOL. Maybe I had just pinned on something temporarily. BUT it didn't have a label on it either. Yeah, some of my quilts don't have them. Some have the data entered in pigma pen. Anyway labeling of some sort is a requirement for the Pell City show coming up in early November. I can tell you that is does help if there is some sort of labeling when there is some confusion about numbers and names. Check the personal label to verify the data. You know if you have the right one to hang or if you need to keep looking.

Last night in spite of how tired I was, I un-stitched the top binding and a spot down in the lower right of the quilt back. I had enough of the backing fabric left filed away in the green container and prepped it. Prepped the label as well. I stitched that all into the quilt this morning and set up a back table to work on re-stitching the binding. Luckily I was able to stitch thru all the layers without putting on the walking foot. The thing is not easy to get off and on my Brother.

LOL, I told DJ when it came time to put a quilt on his bed NOT to use his Strip Twist just yet. I am entering it in the next show so I'm washing it up. Use my "World Series" quilt, please. I think he likes it better anyway. Skyler does too, come to think of it. (Mom, if we turn it sideways it fits the queen sized just fine for his purposes.) I may have to re-think which one goes on MY bed as the weather gets cooler!

First day of fall. It looks like we are in for some more rain today. There were a couple rounds of rain fall and thunder boomers yesterday and in the overnight hours. How it will affect the high school football games will remain to be seen. Cooler but muggy with that cloud cover.

Major league baseball is winding down and my St. Louis Cardinals are trying for a wild card berth but have to beat our secondary team the Braves to do it. The Cards have a series with the Cubs, their biggest and longest rival this weekend. Anything can and will happen. DJ's son and grandson are going to one of the games, he said. Lucky ducks!

And sew it goes------

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