Sep 8, 2011

WIP Thursday, wk 37

A start of Prairie Stroll---roughly half of it.

In retrospect I wish I had switched the position of the two greens as the Country Threads green with print figures is a little too close in color to the Red Cardinal print (probably an old Hoffman print). Having said that, it does give it sort of "depth" to the block itself. I was NOT going to take it all apart--and that would be what it took--to fix it as the two small squares would not have been in the same position. IIWII, namely a stash quilt from donation fabric.

It is going together pretty quickly since it is just two blocks, every other one rotated in orientation. Either they didn't say or I didn't pay attention (more likely, LOL) but that top bar should have been pressed towards the rest of the block IF you have pressed the smaller rectangles away from the half 4 patch unit. Otherwise, be prepared to re-press or flip seams----ask me how I know!

I will probably get this up to borders today and do a bit more hand stitching on TSP. Meanwhile I'll consider what kit I want to dig into next. Maybe I should just open one of the drawers, dig around and whatever I pull out, is the one? I was able to pick up my Brother after its being gone for about a week for servicing and I would like to check that it is indeed up to snuff. I just opened and pulled----BQ1, it is which if part of the "Pay it Forward Challenge" offered by Over the Rainbow earlier this year.

And sew it goes------thanks for stopping by!


  1. pretty. pretty. I think it is just fine the way it is! the BQ1 should go fast if using the bigger square. :)

  2. I love Prairie Stroll. It looks great! I love the fabrics you are using, too. I can't wait till I can see it done.


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