Sep 10, 2011

a preview

I had cut this kit way back in February so now it is time to get it to the flimsy stage. My notes got cold and as usual, I had over-cut the number of strips. How many of these actually needed to be sewn up??? I have not made one of these for a while so the memory needed refreshing.

Sewing strip sets is boring! But it is a necessary part of making an original version BQ quilt. (There are now 3 versions). I personally would hate to have to cut and sew each individual piece. I told Norma that as soon as I had on wider piece section done, I was going to make a test block to break things up a bit. The smaller section strips are all stitched while most of the wider ones are just pinned and ready to feed through the machine.

Now, you might be asking "BQ??? What kind of a quilt name is that?" It stands for "Big Quilt" and the pattern has directions for 18 inch finished blocks along this half sized version. In the past with the help of EQ, I have done them even smaller to accommodate whatever focus fabrics that I was using. Pattern source: Maple Island Quilts--scroll about half way down the page or do Ctrl +F and enter "BQ". I have also made the BQ2 version and actually like it a bit more than this one.

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  1. I love the picnic fabric! The red dot is the perfect go-with for this one.

    I need to get organized and cut some kits too. I just found out that we have a guild retreat coming up at the end of October so some cutting ahead would help.


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