Sep 27, 2011

meeting day

Okay, hiding behind the quilts in front are some of those fabric bins but this is how things looked when DJ helped me unload the car. There is also another quilt bag full of stuff and my purse somewhere in there, LOL.

The basket: three quilts that Shawnee volunteered to put labels on this morning. She and Nancy dropped by to pick up her quilt show entries. She said she would be back with them before I left to go home---and she was. THX!

The other stack you will see in a minute. All this had to be logged into the quilt document making sure they all had a number on the label and then stuck in the closet for now. I am going to have to find another spot to store them---like at someone else's house or we donate them earlier than planned.

Lois had completed this Scrappy Trips Around the World. Bonnie Hunter pattern found HERE. One of Lois' "go- to" patterns, I think she would tell you.

Next up, Lois had this 4 patch X quilt completed as well. Pattern Source: Bonnie Hunter's "Addicted to Scraps" column in Quiltmaker Sept-Oct. 2010. I think it would be fair to say that Lois likes this one too as she had two more tops made with the same blocks that we pinned today. LINK will take you to all of the "Bonnie blocks" featured in the magazine thus far though I don't think any patterns are provided.

Aline got the binding completed on her 2nd Romance Challenge quilts. She and her granddaughter teamed up to make a total of 4 quilts from the donated yardage we used. She calls this one "Dotty" Romance. No pattern---you just put about 3 inches of sashing all around some feature fabric (or blocks) on all 4 sides and then cut the resultant block at an angle with a square ruler. Just watch out for bias stretch when you handle or press them. Makes a fun quilt and a young lady is sure to enjoy this.

Bev had this cutie purse for show and tell. I think she made it for her granddaughter?? It includes a clip for her hair.

Bev came with armfuls of the same yardage she had shared with us last meeting. I know that Aline took some with her today for backing some tops she had at home. Bev also brought a friend with her and an Alabama top she had made to pin. Bev knows that I have to do the program at the JOY group in early October on this very subject. She and Julie stayed to help pin several others to return the favor.

I was off making copies of the hand out for the block we will be using for the sew in and didn't get a picture taken of Brenda's top that she made for a grandchild. That was one that we pinned in addition to Bev's top, Lois' two 4 patch X and one of Betsy's for DHR. Guess that waits till when she gets it done.

When I first got there I had discovered that someone had been doing some painting recently in the fellowship hall. I didn't know if we would be able to tolerate the lingering paint fumes. About that time the pastor had come thru and advised us to open the doors up to air things out. Just watch for creepy crawlies! I had left a box fan from home to help with the a/c situation earlier this summer so we used that too. The humidity was up pretty high this morning with a fog advisory. I don't think any of us were too comfortable with the air off necessarily, but you do what you must. It wasn't too bad by lunch time. If we had not had quilts to pin, we would have moved to one of the vacant Sunday school classrooms instead.

I didn't get a speck of embroidery done. I had even lugged the light box and supplies with me to tend to parts of the TSP. I followed the instructions on the pattern but unfortunately the trimming size listed was incorrect in one instance. Now I will have to re-do a stitchery block for the bday present. Trimmed, it will be an inch too short. Partly my fault because I didn't verify the accuracy of the numbers before I sliced it off----darn it! Good thing I like to embroider! I have to spend a little time sitting at the dentist office tomorrow so I'll tuck it in my purse.

Oh, my missing quilt entry was delivered to me this morning too........just as I thought it might be. We were right that it was hiding with the larger quilts.

Well, time to throw something together for supper. What exactly I don't know but I do not feel like messing around in the kitchen long. Definitely not that pot roast I had initially planned, just sayin'. DJ just had soup and sandwich for lunch so he'll need something heartier than that.

And sew it goes----------

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  1. I'm sorry I missed the meeting, again. We had to make a trip to B'ham this morning, and I spent some time when we returned working on "the quilt." LOL Glad it was a productive day. Talk/see you soon.


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