Sep 26, 2011

Design Wall Monday--wk. 40?

The grand sum total of my quilting process this weekend was thinking about it, LOL. Friday, I got the re-binding and labeling done on the scrappy bargello as planned but that was it. To be fair, I was gone a good chunk of Saturday with girl's day out. Yesterday was paperwork day and the grocery run. I also had to fix TWO meals, not just one since there were no leftovers on hand. Anything on the list just did not get done plus who says that there is anything wrong with NOT sewing?

The other thing that took some time yesterday was that Jane and Hugh had brought my quilt show entries along with Shawnee's back on Sunday afternoon. I knew that they would be worn out after taking down the show so I had told her not to rush over Saturday night. Hugh said that they had "worked (him) harder than a borrowed mule." Pretty apt description actually. He was the guy wielding the power tools and up and down the ladders all day for set up. Take down, same thing---only it goes faster. His usual partner in set up had been ill and could not help this time around, which may account for some of that statement. Jane said that they had to be out of the building by 630 even if the quilts were not all folded up and put in the proper numbered pillow cases. There was an event scheduled for the building on Sunday and it needed to be set up Saturday evening.

Anyway, my quilts and wall hangings needed to be put away or re-hung once they left. The wall hanging situation shifted around again . I seem to be missing my place mat entry and one pillow case that it could be in but it will show up, I'm sure. I also seem to have misplaced a small wire quilt hanger that I use for my calendar quilts, somewhere in this house!! I have things separated out and stacked up for the next show though not in separate pillow cases yet.

Just a quick note about the show because I will be posting pics in another post. Calhoun County was well represented at the show. Brenda won a first place in applique division while Shawnee's quilt placed 2nd. Aline won a 2nd place ribbon for her twin sized pieced quilt. I got two 3rd place ribbons for Happy Halloween and my FAB challenge place mats. Friends from other county quilt groups also had various ribbons for their entries.

I seem to be all over the place with this post, LOL. Okay, today is Monday. I finally pressed that binding in Friday's post this morning. The foremost thing on my list is the FAB bday TSP which still needs the embroidered elements trimmed down. I drug out the fall fabrics and some of the other bin colors that will be required. BUT I have to move all those container to get at the cutting board and then press the fabric I pull to use for the next step of TSP. That machine may not get fired up today either at this rate since I have a few errands to run this morning. Tomorrow is Bama Belles day and I have to get myself organized for that. Hand work or sewing??

The other thing----one of my crowns fell off from a lower left molar when we were eating lunch. I was just eating a piece of home made pizza so had not bit down into anything hard or crunchy. Worse still, I also had a filling fall off/out of the tooth adjacent to it. I am thinking it will probably needs a crown as well, judging from the gap I am feeling. Oh, great! I'll be calling the dentist in a few minutes to see if I can get in to pop the crown back on before the base starts breaking down.

And sew it goes or in this case, goes slowly............ or not at all, LOL

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