Sep 22, 2011

quilt show season

Looks like I am driving a quilt-mobile here. Between Shawnee's and my entries for the quilt show and the quilt meeting related stuff that stays in the car the description probably fits.

I left the house a little after 8 and got home from helping set up the Gadsden Quilt show at about 5. The guild is small and older than me in most cases. No way can they be climbing up and down the ladders or crawling around on the floor prepping the base units. Gary is happy to have volunteers from his other quilt groups over on our side of the county line---including some quilt husbands with tools and ladders.

So the show is all set up---lots of quilts, more than he really could hang as it turned out. Maybe that is a good problem to have. One of mine will not be displayed but one that I entered as an afterthought. There were probably about 8 others that can be re-entered next year. They are also displaying some of the QOV quilts that will be going to the veteran's home in Pell City. Some of those will have to be folded and displayed that way.

I am going to go back on Saturday with a couple of girlfriends and will take my camera to get some pictures to share. Girls day out, dontcha know?

My low back is killing me mostly from having to bend over to the tables to pin sleeves on the quilt. It is amazing to me that people would enter a quilt in a show and not bother to at least pin on a temporary sleeve themselves. How do they think it is going to get displayed anyway?? IMHO any quilt without a sleeve should either not be accepted or not hung if they drop it off that way but I'm not in charge. Actually two helpers who did have entries in the show minus sleeves said that they did not know to do that---the entry forms do not have instructions for that on it, so maybe. Let me tell you, when they had to sort thru the quilt piles looking for sleeves and had to help pin them on they saw the need! Hard on the back, hard on the temper esp when the quilt hanger folks are hollering for one you are frantically hurrying to work on.

But we got thru it-------I'll be happy to stay home tomorrow and work on TSP. Rest up, LOL.

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