Sep 14, 2011

WIP Weds. wk 38

well it WAS a WIP but here is the finished top as of 10 minutes ago. Maybe it still is a WIP as I need to look for some backing fabric and piece it as well as the binding. I know it looks kind of blah out on the edge but the red dot binding will complete it once it is quilted. This is one of the "Pay It Forward" challenge pieces, thanks to Over the Rainbow.

I had two rows and borders to do on this one but I was busy till about 3:30 doing other things all day. Bama Belles paperwork, getting things ready to take to the post office and some minor re-organization in the sewing room.

Tomorrow will be a boring day of piecing backs and binding. I also will need to pack up for the sew-in day on Friday. Plans are to meet at 8:30 to drive over to Pell City where it will be held.

And sew it goes-------

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