Oct 14, 2011

quilting mode

Well, I had a lot of fun piecing and appliquing in past months but it is time to quilt some of these puppies up.

I started off with Pat's bday present earlier in the week since it was a deadline project. Done and mailed out yesterday. Woohoo! Hurray for a finish!

"Summer" is also a deadline project since it is entered in the Friendship Quilter's quilt show the first weekend in November, making the due date set up day Nov. 4. When DJ spotted me quilting it, he wanted to know where the Fall one was---was I entering it too?? Nope, it is next and not even started; they will have to view just Winter, Spring and Summer at the show. It was time to fix supper last night so I didn't bind it yet. That's first on the list for today's session.

I moved on to the July Button up after supper. Since I just do in the ditch, it doesn't look appreciably different than the last time it was shown. The binding is on this but I still need to add a label and the hanging tabs. By the time I got to this point it was about 8:30 and I had enough machine work for the day.

At some point there will be a good bit of hand work to finish up. "Summer" has button and some embroidery elements to do it as well. Both will help quilt it though embroidery after the fact makes for a messier back. Can't be helped.

Next up: The recently completed "Pumpkins 4 sale" and the recently pinned Gordian Knot. Below that my only donation quilt top ( Habitat BQ2) that I allowed to be pinned while I supposedly "caught up". Yeah, right---I came so close even though that sampler quilt is still waiting.

After that, I have 5 of Linda C's donation tops. There are 3 or 4 more in the closet at the church to be pinned but I have no room to stash them at home. (She moved out of state and the quilts/tops were left behind.) There is also one of Aline's that I volunteered to do. Maybe I will finally have something for the binding volunteers to help with one of these days??

Of course, there will have to be time out for sewing! Pat's bday par-tay is coming up on the 22nd. Some of the group will be doing Terry Atkinson's Minnesota Hot Dish. Pat had a couple of different choices of patterns for us and one was GE Designs Strip Joint. Norma thought it had the same elements as MN Hot dish but with strip piecing. To me it looked more like Faux Log cabin combined with Picket Fence elements. SOOOO I am doing Faux Log Cabin instead since I already have scrappy strips cut to size though I do wonder if they could be used for Strip Joint too. I may try it with some of the stuff I already have in that FLC box. I don't have time to mess with cutting out a whole quilt right now. Hot Dish looks like it relies more on planned fabrics and strip piecing. I will do it at some point, just not now. Pat excused me, LOL.

And, the Belles are having a sew-in date on the 25th, our next meeting date. Really it just a more extended meeting day, with potluck lunch. This time, everybody will bring their machines rather than a couple of us. We are asking people to make a few Pineapple Blossom blocks for a donation quilt. Lois and I will bring out 2 inch strips to share and/or they can cut their own if they want as long as they are scrappy! I need to cut the 3.5 inch muslin squares for this which explains why there is a muslin bolt next to the 3 waiting quilt tops. That is a small morning task for me. I don't often get to sewing till after lunch. Mornings are for goofing off on the computer and household tasks, don'tcha know?

Goofing off time is done for now. DJ needs me to put in his eye drops and I have a date with my Viking. Till next check in--------

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  1. The flag with the coneflower....pattern name? I like it!


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