Oct 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday

So here's what is up on the wall.

Yesterday afternoon/evening I finished off the Biscuits and Honey Basket (from the Bee Tree Designs Flickr site). Lots and lots of stitching in this May block! All I basically had to do when I picked it up was finish the honey stirrer, the two biscuits next to it and the little bee on the jar label.

Below that, Faux Log Cabin. My variation of Pat's Bday PAR-TAY block for her FAB celebration on Saturday. Today is the actual day but we can't get the 5 of us in chat to open her presents and start sewing till the weekend. This will be the reminder of the block sequencing when it is time to sew.

Then, that name badge thing I need to finish for the Friendship Quilters quilt show. It has been up there awhile but obviously has not made it to the hang from the neck or pin on finished version.

So far no sewing, quilting, stitching today. I think today will be a binding sort of day, a jump start on one of those wall hangings as it were. DJ's surgery is tomorrow afternoon so it seems like I am putting in eye drops for him every time I turn around, LOL. He got back from doing his preop stuff and invited me out for lunch. That was unexpected! No cooking tonight unless I want to. Leftover Szechuan chicken it is. Actually I think both of us had plenty to eat already since we went to Golden Corral for lunch. DJ was calling it his "last good meal" since he has to do the NPO thing at midnight.

Of course I am very happy that the Cardinals prevailed in the NLCS. Congratulations to the Brewers for taking the division pennant and for having a very good year. You certainly did not make it easy. I admit that last night's game made me very nervous that I could hardly bear to watch it when the opposing team was batting. Nothing new there, LOL. What a remarkable turn around from where they were in late August. The team has a lot of heart and "never say die" attitude, even if others have given up and written them off. I am sure they are up to the challenges the Texas Rangers will present. Go Cards!

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  1. Did I miss something??? That doesn't look like the block I thought we were doing for Pat's FAB PAR~TAY??


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