Oct 12, 2011

WIP Weds?

I did have a WIP till about 30 minutes ago and I was binding it. Now it is officially a finish---yep, Pat's bday present is all done. Of course, I cannot share a picture of it till after the reveal.

So how about two of Lois' quilts turned in at the Belles meeting yesterday? This is 4 in 9 Patch zigzag from a previous Quilter's World magazine. I am going to have to try this one down on the line---add it to the "list"

This one is a planned color scaled down Daisy Chain. Pattern by Atkinson Designs. It is amazing to me how different a quilt can look with different or planned fabrics. I have done one in 30's prints and it just looks so different to me!

I was about half done with pinning my Gordian Knot quilt as the girls began to arrive. A few of the girls were on vacation and another had just returned from a trip but rarely if ever, are we all at a meeting. Life happens. My friend Teresa was able to come again but it was her first time at the regular meeting site.

Jane, Aline and Teresa pinned a couple other tops while the table was still set up, two from the closet supply of tops and backs. The first 3 or 4 pulled out the closet were going to need batting pieced so we passed them over for now. I know what we will be doing down the line, LOL. Brenda and I were plugging on binding in between pinning. Betsy was working on cutting up some scraps for the upcoming sew-in block. We are asking the participants to make a couple of Pineapple Blossom blocks so we can make a top(s?) for the kids but I encourage them to work on their own stuff predominantly.

Other than an errand with DJ after lunch it has been a quiet day at home. Nothing wrong with that. I have been gone a good bit lately with this and that so it is fine with me. I don't know if I am going to do anything more creative today or not. Actually my fingers are a little needle bruised from that binding. I am not entirely convinced that the stuff I used was 100% cotton. It just felt thicker and hard to needle. At one point the needle eye was poking into my fingers---owwww.

I would like to watch the Cardinal game if they indeed play it---big chance of rain and tstorms they were saying earlier today. Well, I say that but I get too nervous about the whole deal, mostly when the other team is batting. DJ has to keep me briefed, LOL or tell me that it is safe to look.

And sew it goes--------

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  1. very pretty quilts Linda, I especially like the second one. Hope you are having a good autumn. Hugs, Finn


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