Oct 29, 2011

historic day

Well, YOU probably are thinking I was talking about the Cards historic run to the 2011 World Series win. You would be wrong, LOL.

DJ and I picked up my car from the shop this morning and I said I was going to get the shop vac so I could vacuum up my car. DJ said "I wish I had a camera to mark this historic event". I got mine out but warned him not to get a shot my back side.

Yeah, cleaning out cars or doing anything other than gassing them up is HIS job so why worry about it? See how happy I look about my decision, LOL? Once I got done I went after the barbecue grill but I should have had a putty knife to do really good job on it. Not happening, or at least not today.

As for the other historic day---that was last night actually. VBG. I am thrilled along with a lot of others in Cardinal nation. What a year! Who'd a thunk it?

May quilt this afternoon--what little bit I did yesterday had to be taken out so hope that the thread change helps. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend-------


  1. vacuum?! it sucks up junk right? never heard of it...lol

  2. I almost did not recognize you with your long hair!

    Funny DJ with his comment about you running the vac and it being a historic day.

    Congrats to the Cardinals and all the Cardinals fans!


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