Oct 19, 2011

WIP Weds

Because of the order the pictures posted, I'll write about the finishes first.

I got a boatload of binding done yesterday waiting up at the hospital yesterday. Turns out Same Day Surgery had 45 surgeries scheduled yesterday and only 18 beds to put folks in plus a few stretchers. We had to sit out the waiting room for 2 hrs waiting to be put in a room. Trust me, we were not the only ones! DJ was one of 10 patients his doctor had for cataract surgery and he was about in the middle of the pack. It got to the point that when they called anyone back we all clapped and wished them good luck---and see you at the office tomorrow morning! By the time DJ and I stopped to get him something to eat we walked in the door near 5 p.m. (and we left here at 10 a.m.)

I tell you all this so you know just how much time I had on my hands to work on binding. I had half of "Pumpkins 4 Sale" done when we walked in the hospital. Then I started on "July" Button up (above left)---all but one long side by the time we left. I finished it up here are home last night.

You may note that Quilt Holder is sitting down on the job. He was so tired from not sleeping well the night before, and a little med hangover from the surgery. I told him to stay put and just hold this up a second. I have convinced him that we can take down his beloved snow scene painting from above the love seat temporarily (till Thanksgiving) to put this up with some command strips. There are already a couple of small wall hangings in that room and I am encroaching on his space a bit. I sort of see his point but it won't be forever or mark up the wall, like my asking him to put a molly up on the other wall did. It is possible that I need to get another rod for it so it may wait for tomorrow's "to do" list.

One of the fellow patient's said to me this morning at the doctor's office said "you didn't bring any stitching with you!". I told her I had finished all that up but had something in my bag to work on. I pulled out my greenwork basket block. Cyndi Hoeller the designer calls this one "Sewing Basket" This will be a snap compared to the last one!

Normally I would not go to the office with DJ---he's a big boy and doesn't need me to "Mommy" him. Today we both had some questions and I had not gotten to talk with the doctor yesterday. First off, I was not sure he was even allowed to drive and preferred to err to the side of caution. Also I knew if DJ asked if it was okay to ride his exercise bike he would neglect to tell the doctor that he had to lift and roll it out from the wall, etc. The key words being lift---no lifting, straining or bending! I had already gotten after him for bending over to get Skyler's water bowl to change the water. He had done it before I could stop him. When you think about all the things you do so routinely, that was one of them. Nag, nag, nag! Unruly patient, LOL.

Initially I thought I might start machine quilting my Gordian Knot today. By the time we left the doctor's office and ran a couple errands on the way home it was almost 11. We had a bunch of drops to put in and I had to fix lunch. I've got about 2 hours before I have to head in the kitchen to start supper preparations. Now I am out of the notion. Embroidery, it is---or maybe hand quilt on "Here Comes Santa", last seen HERE . Either one are good start and stop projects. Decisions, decisions, LOL.

Till next time---------

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  1. I love love love July button up! very pretty!!!


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