Oct 6, 2011

WIP Thursday

I have been doing a lot of stitching the last two days. Another quilt meeting on Saturday and I probably will finish off the basket part of this one.

Because I had the appointment with the oral surgeon yesterday, I had my stitchery along with me. I had just started part of the hanging down part of the towel on the right side. I had half the basket done by the time I left. You see, it took some time to get back to see the doctor for the consultation---approx. two hours. I was not expecting them to say that they could do the extraction that day. Knowing that DJ's surgery was coming up and that the doctor is only in Anniston two days a week, I didn't necessarily want to come back. I especially did not want to drive all the way home and have to drive back in again. What happened is that there were about 3 of us that went back on the list till the rest of the scheduled appointments were cleared. Once I was numbed up it only took about a minute to get that tooth out of there. By the time I dropped off my script at the pharmacy on the way home, I had been gone a total of 5 hours.

Today, I kept stitching thru the JOY quilt meeting except for when I was doing my program presentation. Jane came and helped me so I could keep talking and field questions. THX, gf! I finally got the July Button Up pinned. These are narrow pieces so I knew we could get it pinned without doing any shifting and re-clamping though I explained what I would have to do for larger tops. Shown is what I carted to the meeting with me, minus the bed risers in the trunk of my car, LOL. The other half of the basket part of the stitchery was almost done.
Good to see some of the quilting friends whose paths do not cross with mine often---traveling in different groups these days.

I got the button hole applique done on Tuesday as well as the last bits of hand embroidery on the TSP bday present. Woohoo! By Wednesday morning I pinned it and "Summer". I could have used basting spray on this one and possibly the TSP but it gave me some time to go over what I wanted to cover for my presentation today.

Once I got the pinning done, I knew I also wanted some data I could use for a handout for my presentation. Google to the rescue yet again! It started at 7 pages and a combination of this:

Once I was back from the dentist, I put on my pajamas, had an Arby's jamocha shake and edited down to 3 pages to more closely reflect how the Belles and I actually pin. I told the girls that any one of them could have done the program today as we all have passed on what we know to each other.

I don't think that I am going to do anything else creative today. These pain meds are messing with my stomach and I need to go lay down for a while. DJ may be on his own for supper at this rate.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon...rest will be the best! All quilting related *stuff* will be waiting when you feel better! :)


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