Oct 28, 2011

finished to flimsy

#19 finished to flimsy and also #8 for the Belles Scrappy Challenge. I had 4 rows done and assembled by Weds. evening and finished the last three Thursday afternoon. I interrupted DJ's flipping between the Game 6 of the WS and whatever other show caught his attention to hold it up for the glamour shot. (More on that in a bit, LOL.)

The assembly was more less random. Yeah, you try not to get too "matchy-matchy" but sometimes you just have to swap a few blocks out. I think I only have one spot where the same fabrics actually touch and two spots where they are one strip away from ea. other. IIWII---finished to flimsy. Some spots the lights are not quite light enough for contrast but it looked fine through my door peephole telescoping it down.

A friend asked me on Facebook if those scraps were all in my stash---a good many of them are but there was a good influx of other strips from the Belles challenge bag. Some are really pretty pieces that I would not mind having in my stash for a planned quilt. It is fun for me to look and remember where some of my own came from. Like any scraps some show up everywhere to the point where you are "sick" of them. When we were working on the Pineapple Blossom at the sew-in the girls were commenting on how fun it was to play with someone else's scraps since it meant more variety.

I may get back to quilting a bit this afternoon---I had my Gordian Knot and a donation BQ2 in the stack that did not get done on the last quilting binge. I welcomed the diversion that working on the Faux Log Cabin for Pat's bday par-tay and the pineapple blossom blocks at the sew-in but those quilts were on my short term goal list.

LOL, I need some binding for the next eye surgery next week. I am just hoping that we don't have to get there so blamed early just to wait 2 hrs in the waiting room for a bed and then another hour or so till surgery time. Give ME the satisfaction survey to fill out, DJ. He is at the eye doctors now for his postop check/preop visit so we will see what they say about time and/or what time his surgery is actually scheduled for.

The word on my car: some quarter sized piece of plastic that serves as door between the heat and cooling (that thing you hear go "whooomp" when you turn the temperature dial down) broke off and is missing. Unfortunately, you cannot just purchase the small plastic piece. Ford in its infinite wisdom requires you buy a 400 dollar part. Same as my intermittent door lock problem---major bucks to replace the whole mechanism. No thanks, manually opening and closing it will be just fine.

Of course the mechanic does not have one in stock, you take your chances on buying one from a selvage yard, etc. The part is due in from Atlanta sometime this afternoon and the bill with labor is up to 800 something. YEOW! I wish I could get by without the a/c but that is impossible here in the South. Well, maybe not this time of year with the cooling temps but we would still have to pay the guy for the labor and then haul it back in and pay that part again. We could not replace my car (2002 Taurus with only 58 thou miles on it) for one in as good a condition so DJ said we would fix it even if pricey. Man, I hope nothing else goes wrong around here.

What an up and down game that Game 6 was! I could not bear to watch it though I was following the score on the computer while I watched something else. Stupid errors on both teams part. Pitchers struggling. What a roller coaster ride it was.

When it was 7-4 Rangers in the bottom of the 8th, DJ and I both more or less gave up on it and went to bed. Well, he did anyway; I stayed up and was working the crossword puzzle ON the bed. I did NOT want to see the Rangers celebrating in the opposing team's clubhouse but I did want to know the final score and turned on the set. They were interviewing Lance Berkman----and he was smiling! HMMM did they actually pull this one out? I switched over from FOX to MLB network and saw that David Freese, the Cards 3rd baseman had sent it into extra innings with 2 runs scoring triple (I think that's right) and then hit a solo home run in the bottom of the 11th to win the game. The final score was 10-9 so the see-saw scoring continued and both teams battled back. Berkman had a whale of a game with some very key hits esp. late in the game. I wrote a big note and taped this news on DJ's bathroom mirror so he could see it the first time he got up. Do you believe it??

DJ's grandson and his girlfriend had hoped to go the game 6 and had purchased tickets from someone on Craiglist. They got ripped off for $300. Ouch! Still, it was Josh's 19th bday so a Cardinal win was good even if he and Lauren were not in the stands. He asked on FB if anyone would loan him $600 for tickets to tonight's game. Not sure if he learned anything or was just joking.

So game 7 tonight---anything can happen. Can I bear to watch? Well, it is the last game of the season regardless. Maybe with the sound off and the KMOX announcers. Somehow it is easier on the nerves to watch the highlights later, like knowing the end of the mystery and then looking back to see the process. (I do that too, LOL). Either way I hope they can pull it off. If they don't, they still have had one heck of a ride to get to the Series when everyone counted them out. The team, coaches and management didn't share that opinion. Go Cards!

And sew it goes------


  1. Hi Linda,
    I also make numerous quilts for charity. I love to do it, I make them for our primary care doctors office, if anyone sees a sick child first and continuously it is usally the pcp. He sees the cases of abuse, neglect etc, etc. He also knows families that are in need at the holidays. I am always looking for help if you don't have anywhere special to send them let me know. Millgra2@aol.com
    Your flimsy is gorgeous.

  2. Love the faux log cabin..even printed it out. You give me LOTS of ideas!

  3. I do love how this one turned out! You really went to town on this one--finishing in record time! Well done!

    It is fun to add someone else's scraps to our own. The more variety in a scrap quilt the better--IMHO that is.


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