Nov 2, 2011

WIP Weds whatever week

Between not feeling like sewing/quilting this weekend, my doctor's appointment and sitting at the hospital for DJ's 2nd eye surgery, I have gotten a good bit of the June Bee Tree Designs basket block done. Of course, it helps that there is not near as much stitching required as the previous one(s). I did pull the next marked block and the printout and slipped it in the tote "just in case" I finished. Not quite there yet!

DJ is doing well with his 2nd eye. I had to hurry up and put his drops in before he left for the doctor's office. I had planned on driving us in but he either didn't want me to go or didn't feel it was needed. The patch is off and he can see well enough. They will write down what they want him to do as far as eye drops in both eyes and that is all I needed to know anyway---any changes in meds and administration schedule.

So what is on tap now that I suddenly have a free morning? Well, I have to finish up my name tag thing for the Friendship Quilter's Guild. It is expected that each member have one of the same type for the quilt show this weekend. It won't matter for set up day but for white gloving and any job representing the guild at the show, tag required.

Nothing like procrastinating till almost the last minute. This thing has been up on the design wall for months and months---like, March maybe?
I had cut up all the blue print I had used in the block for use in the QOV quilt tops so I dug around till I found something similar in shading for the binding. It won't take long to finish; it was just NOT a priority before. I'll try quilting one or the other of the pinned tops once I am done. Maybe the pro bono one since Jane has already volunteered for binding detail.

Next week, I think I am way overdue for a rewards project and I am leaning towards the last of the Halvorsen autumn "In Seasons". For real this time! The other three are entered in the quilt show but the fall one is still waiting for me. Yep, time to make that happen once the quilt show hub-bub is over. Two other deadline projects are in the wings and they will need to follow. One is a "top secret project (TSP)" for sure as it is Norma's FAB Par-tay next. Cher also has a challenge going that I think we are supposed to keep hush-hush as well, reveal date is not announced yet. I am pretty sure that I know what I want to do in both cases but that is subject to change, LOL.

And sew it goes------

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  1. glad to hear the eye stuff is going well with DJ. have fun at your quilt show. :)
    kinda hard to blog with so many *tsp*s, right? :) i better get going on my *tsp*s, as well!


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