Nov 23, 2011

WIP Weds

Yesterday was essentially prepping and pinning day though I did take apart a small wall hanging to re-stitch it and prep it as well.

That gives me three small pieces to quilt---Autumn and Merry Christmas included in that count.

Also in this stack is my Gordian Knot that needs the binding finished.  Quilt up those small ones and the binding stack will get even bigger, LOL.  The black "cosmetic" case is what I keep my hand work/quilting supplies in for quick and easy retrieval.

Then there is the blue backed piece on the bottom, the quilt that keeps me from ever being caught up.  Yeah, I know it is only an illusion even if it were finished as I still have umpteen flimsies to deal with.  It is my Pioneer Sampler and this post is probably the last time it was seen on this blog opened full out.  Oh there might be one with Pippi sitting on it while I was trying to quilt it but hard to be sure.  The posts before that show the blocks close up.  The quilt was started back in 2005 (probably) when I did a Block of the Month of the blocks in an old Eleanor Burns book at the long gone quilt shop in Pell City.  The book only had 12 blocks and I made 30.  More than 30 actually, as some were rejects.  I am quilting this one in the ditch on the DSM which wasn't too much trouble till I got to the quilt's dead center.  I am bound and determined I will NOT start off with that one still on my list.  Not if I can help it.  I do have Cher's challenge and Norma's FAB present to do and that will take some time but I think it is possible.

I believe I need to make a UFO tab on the blog that will serve as a prompt this next year to get some of these long standing things dealt with.  Call it a visual reminder.

Let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  It will be a quiet one for DJ and I.  We aren't going anywhere and we are not sharing a meal with anyone.  Low key.  Preparations today were minor.  I still had some homemade cranberry relish in the freezer from the last time I made it.  I made a butternut squash pie that I pulled from the oven at lunch time.  I had just a hair less than the 2 cups of pulp that I needed in the freezer so augmented it with a tad of pumpkin.  I'll put the turkey breast in the crockpot first thing in the morning and the side dishes won't be anything major.   Just another day with more food than usual, LOL. 

Now I am off to set up to quilt---see how far I get on something on top of the armoire. 

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