Nov 28, 2011

checking in Monday

 I have another finish to report.  Woohoo!  Merry Christmas BU #21 is ready to hang when I am ready to decorate---another week away anyway.

I've been binding like crazy this past weekend.  I thought that I would get at those 5 blocks in the long lagging bed sized Pioneer Plus Sampler today but I am backing off that.  I only have one more quilt to bind (Gordian Knot 1) and I want that decked cleared rather than having it hanging over my head.  It needs to be  done by the Friendship Quilter's Christmas luncheon on Dec. 9th.  I would have plenty of time except for the other things I would like to have done first, LOL.  What's another day at this juncture?

DJ has been scouring the ads for months now in an effort to replace our microwave.  Our old one had a  light that no longer worked and the 1 button had given up the ghost.  You can live with some of that but not if you need a power level 1 or want to stand there and baby sit the thing to avoid overheating whatever it was you stuck in there.

My criteria was a 15 inch diameter turntable and a digital dial.  I didn't really want stainless steel either.  I had other errands of my own to run.  Also I had to be home by a certain time since someone was dropping by.  He could either wait for me or go check it out himself.   He got home 5 minutes after me.  This was marked down 50 bucks and he got an additional amount knocked off with a rewards card sign up.  Of course, I will need to read up before I can operate it!  Apparently you can code in frozen convenience foods in some manner and it automatically sets or some such thing?  Not that it applies much to us.

It is a gloomy, damp day---still raining too.  We have about 3.5 inches in our gauge since yesterday. I was awake a good bit of the night and it sounded like it was pouring and windy.  Today I see that a good many of the trees have lost their leaves but not necessarily the underbrush.  Dismal, dismal day with some remote snow possibilities in our area tonight.  The temps will have to drop from the mid to mid 40s for that to happen though.

So here we have Skyler snug as bug in his little kitty cube.  He will pay attention to this for a few days and then I'll have to put it up once the novelty wears off.  He will run past it, not through it when we play.  I don't suppose that we people are much different in that regard.   Things become part of the landscape if they sit long enough.

About time to feed the boys so off I go.  I'll hopefully have another finish to share in the next day or so.  The Closer is back tonight so I know I won't be working past 8 CST, LOL.


  1. Just adorable, Linda! :)

  2. A perfectly timed finish! I don't think I will have my tree hanging in time for this Christmas - just too many other commitments in the way.

    It looks like you found a good deal on a microwave. Whooo hooo! I remember the days when it was considered a luxury to have a microwave--today, I couldn't be without mine. My how things have changed!

    Skyler looks really cozy peeking out from his snuggly tunnel--so cute.


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