Nov 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Well, I had a little production going yesterday afternoon anyway.  For the most part, last week was a "lost" week since I did not feel well.  While the sore throat is gone,  the cough and nose blowing have persisted, just enough to keep me at low energy levels.

The speaker at Friendship Quilters on Saturday was a fellow that repairs and services mechanical sewing machines, sergers and industrial sewing machines.   He spoke on what we piecers can do to keep our machines in running order.  My Jem was not sewing well that last time I had it out.  I took some of the things he said under advisement and cleaned this out the best I could and adjusted the tension knob.   (It helps that you can take the bottom off and attack any linty stuff from that angle too).    It seems to be behaving so much better that I may avoid a trip for this machine anyway.   The fellow lives about 10-15 miles north of me in Calhoun County but had done a pick up and delivery to the quilt meeting recently (next county over)  I've got his card, VBG.

So I had to test the seaming and the bow ties were started on this machine and the blocks should be finished on it. At right on the design wall are some of the blocks that I had previously done.  I  made 21 more yesterday afternoon/evening but those still need to be pressed.  20 more should be enough for a block to block set 6 x 9 with borders.   Or I might go for 70 blocks making me half done, LOL.   That is pretty telling, isn't it?   I would way rather make more blocks than put on a border but then I have plenty of  print cut squares to use up  Some of these are in the Belles Scrappy Challenge category so I would to get the top done before next month's "reveal" at the Christmas party.  I pulled out a pile of the muslin squares and handed to a couple of the girls last week so they could finish up a few more pineapple blossom blocks.  I see cutting on my horizon if I want this top much bigger.

I still need to assemble the Pineapple Blossom top from the sew in.  It won't take long to do but Jane had offered me some cut 9.5 inch strips she had for the sashing.   I have  some I picked up from the gals for that purpose but it would be best to wait till I get those from her.  The idea is that is looks scrappy and not just from MY stash.

4 other things on the list in my mind---short term piecing goals, as it were

  • Cher's Sister's challenge piece
  • Norma's FAB bday present---I know what I want to do but it is not cut out
  • December Button Up
  • I still very much want to do work on that "Autumn" In Seasons.  I intended to do that ALL weekend but got distracted with the bow ties and machine testing.  I vote for taking that detour and back up the ties a day or two.  Seeing as I am way past due for a "reward" project, I'm going for it!  Right after I have breakfast and press that pile of blocks from yesterday..............
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?   And sew it goes----------

Oops, one more thing I wanted to pass on----I had included a link to the facebook album of the 2011 Friendship Quilters show quilts in an earlier post.  I  have the link for the QOV room for you today  HERE.    The Friendship Quilters Guild is leading an effort to create more than 230 quilts to be presented to service members who will be living at the new Col. Robert L. Howard veterans Home being built in St. Clair County.  Margaret Rose,our outgoing secretary and the QOV coordinator said we were at 70 completed quilts at this point involving quilt groups in a multi-county effort effort.  I think what you see in the album  were made by Friendship Quilter members and a pile of them that were delivered from the BHM guild that day.   They were NOT going back to that group's members.  (There was only room for 2 more quilts in the display room but a local friend told me none of the 10 she had made were there)   Enjoy.

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  1. glad you are feeling a bit better and the *tricks* helped the Janome run better! I see that we have some of the same items on our *to do* list! VBG


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