Nov 25, 2011

a finish

Woohoo!  A finish this morning.  Pattern source:  Nancy Halvorsen "In Seasons".  This officially completes the series of 4 quilt-lets.

I was determined to get this done so it could hang at least a few days until I get the urge to do the Christmas decorating.  Normally I wait till we are about a week into December and then take then down after New Year's Day.

My plan for the day is to quilt the Merry Christmas "Charley Brown looking tree"  Button  Up next.  It's all marked and ready to roll.  Hanging loops, binding, label are all ready too.  Hopefully THAT hand finishing will be done when I decide to hang the Christmas pieces. But for now I will re-hang and enjoy the "I Love My Cat" that Pat made for my bday----too cute!

And speaking of cats,  I have one patiently sitting on the desk next to the keyboard and waiting for me to walk out with him to the kitchen for a taste of Fancy Feast.  Real turkey, he wouldn't touch but give him some foul smelling salmon stuff and he's in!  LOL.

Have a great day in whatever you chose to do.  You know where to find me--------

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  1. Love that Autumn banner---oh, alright, I love ALL 4 of them!! :D Happy Thanksgiving, Linda


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