Nov 16, 2011

WIP Weds comes around again

I have temporarily put the bow tie project aside again but this is were I left off on Monday evening.  I asked "Quilt Holder" to do the honors but handed it to him with the short side up.  I had pulled the cut squares I want for the remaining 35 blocks and cut the muslin background for this and the cornerstones for the Pineapple Blossom while I was I had the mat, ruler and rotary cutter out.
This is what I truly intend to work on today.  I realize that it does not look like much but it is the background squares for the "Autumn" In Seasons wall hanging.  I have a few pieces pulled for the motifs as well.  I don't know  have that a clue what I have that could be used for the borders.  The book shows a dark brick red with a red plaid for binding---not something I have but I am not married to that plan anyway.  This decision may need a quilt shop run once the motifs are applied.    But for now, I will can proceed.

We had a little excitement this morning when there was a tornado spotted in the area.   The sirens and the NOA radio were both sounding so DJ turned on the TV to hear just where the storm was located.  Pell City, Lincoln were being called out----all towns I travel thru when I go to quilt guild.  My friend Teresa lives near there, right around the Talledega/Calhoun County line.  She called and said they were okay.  Then we hear Alabama Rt 144 and 204 into Jacksonville. Still a little bit north of our home by about 6- 8 miles. HERE is a shot  of a big, black, ugly and hanging really low to the ground taken just north of us.  If that won't work, then try THIS link to their flickr album instead.    We ARE in the secondary Dixie Alley tornado season.  You could tell that it was much too warm and terribly muggy in recent days and this might happen.  So far no real reports of damage being reported though a second storm was happening in southern Alabama about the same time.  There ARE reports of damage in Auburn, I just read.  

Off to sew a bit--------------

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  1. Hi Linda. Now I am a new follower. Looks like you are having fun.


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