Nov 7, 2011

Design Wall Monday---wk. 46

Poor neglected design wall! Even my name tag is removed from this area of the sewing room. What is worse? Two of the blocks that ARE on here are my mom's: the cat and that little spider web block. I keep thinking that I am going to see my way clear to start on my autumn "In Seasons" and will need a spot to well, design!

It is not like I have been doing nothing since I last posted. Quilt show set up, quilt show all day yesterday to white glove, help at the ticket table and the massive take down effort. Saturday I was home but had to do the grocery run a day earlier than usual. I even sewed the sleeve and label on Gordian Knot and then moved on to quilting my #1 of the 11n11 challenge last seen HERE clear back in early January! Watched a few movies on the computer while I stitched and had 15 of the 35 blocks quilted by the time I quit to watch the Alabama-LSU football game. All this between making a good old comfort food type meal for our supper and putting in DJ's eye drops. Talk about multi-tasking, LOL!

That BQ 2 is the only personally generated donation quilt that I allowed to be pinned this year so I could "catch" and work on personal projects a bit more. Trust me, there are others in the closet waiting for me, just not made by me. I am still not ready to deal with them.

When I had a sit down job yesterday I pulled out my embroidery basket blocks. I am just about done with it so will probably press on this morning till it is finished. Minor areas of down to one strand to go and some french knots, mainly. Then I hope to get back to the donation quilt so I can pass it on to Jane for the binding. Bama Belles meet tomorrow. I think I am just going to work on Gordian Knot's binding and help pin there.

I will have more picture to share from the quilt show but for now, I will share a few of my entries from the archives. Well, Summer is pretty hot off the press but most of these are oldies but goodies. The "Sleep Tight, Mr. Snowman" is also mine. You see part of Aline's poinsettia stained glass peeking up from below and maybe the edge of one of her other pieces below the snowman.

I had the girls a little confused at set up. Here was spring, summer, winter---where is fall, they wondered?? At that point they were not privy to the labels that had my comments about it not being done yet, LOL. Still Shelia was teasing about that on Friday.

My Billie Lauder Bargello----if you have read my blog for awhile, you may have spotted it above my bed in the spring/summer months.

USA was made years back with Bama Belles. At the time it was a free pattern from the Debbie Mumm web site.

I have to say too that I like the hanging system they used with the slotted grosgrain ribbon (two lengths of ribbon sewn at about an 1-1.5 inch interval and small rings to slip the dowel rod through. They had them in 1, 2 and 3 ft lengths and then that pinned to the drape. The guild borrowed the frames from one of the Birmingham area quilt guilds, this being Friendship Quilters 2nd quilt show ever. It is not easy to pin wall hangings onto a moving sheet or even to pin them on straight if you lay things out on a table----I've helped set up Gadsden's show enough times to know that. The pins bend, the thing is on there as crooked as dog's hind leg.

I had two other bed quilts in the show but they have both been on here before so I will just share the photo of my Wedding Basket quilt. Made by my mom and her small group in Lexington (IL) as a pass around quilt. I even made a few blocks in it after we moved down here! The day I called to tell my folks that DJ and I were finally getting married (after 21 years!) she took this top to the Gridley church group that did hand quilting. Pattern unknown but Mom calls it "Falls City" baskets since we saw one like it in an antiques store on a trip to NE to see my grandma. Mom drafted it out and I think has made another one since. (She'll tell me for sure)

So, till I am ready to post a few more pictures from the show, maybe this will hold you?? Eye drop time, DJ says. Yeah, that happens a lot around here lately, LOL. I am hopeful that they will get the right eye (the first one done) down to daily and taper the left down to twice a day after he sees the opthamologist on Weds. for followup.

And sew it goes---------

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